Meet the frockers if you’re fascinated by fashion

If you like fashion films and documentaries on designers then Frock Club – a group that goes behind the scenes to learn more about the fickle, fast-paced world of fashion – has something to offer.

Local freelance pattern engineer Ruth Povall started Frock Club to educate people about the fashion industry, and hosts concerns about the sustainability of fast fashion, the decline of quality hand-made fashion in Australia and the loss of skilled technical trades that contribute to Australia as a global design hub.

Ms Povall said fashion images in the media only told the end of the story and there was much more behind the fashion cycle that stays hidden.

“This season’s colours were decided by a handful of people two years ago (which) begs the question: Are we being manipulated or is it incredibly good industry co-ordination?” Ms Povall said.

You don’t need to be an avid dressmaker or fashion industry guru to go to Frock Club – go once or many times and meet like-minded “frockers”.

Ms Povall said the next meeting at Crawford House Museum, Alstonville, would explore the science of clothes sizing and why it matters.

The co-author of The Fashion Design System, Pattern Engineering for the 21st Century, Lois Hennes, will be speaking at the meeting, where a collection of pieces from the museum will illustrate the debate on sizing.

The meeting on May 31 is from 10-11.30am.




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