Breezeboard Pro hoverboard company accused of censoring negative Trustpilot reviews


ANGRY customers have accused a hoverboard company which was banned from delivering gifts last Christmas of censoring negative feedback from a review website.

Breezeboard Pro Ltd, which was based in Birchwood Park, was forced to stop sending out 1,466 orders last December after complaints that the products were unsafe.

Customers complained that their children were left without Christmas presents.

Trading Standards announced that the boards were safe to sell in June but members of a Breezeboard Pro Customer Facebook group now claim the company is trying to hide genuine bad reviews on Trustpilot.

A spokesman for the group said: “As it’s coming up to the anniversary of the misery that thousands of people suffered when dealing with BBP last year, people felt they wanted their voices to be heard.

“They left truthful reviews of their experiences on Trustpilot.

“Almost immediately BBP reported the reviews for being malicious and/or no person of that name being on their database.

“The people who wrote the reviews of their experiences with BBP provided Trustpilot with all the evidence required to prove they were ex-customers – invoices, sales orders, emails with the company, payment receipts.

“By reporting and concealing negative experiences people have had with this company, BBP and Trustpilot are denying the public the right to make an informed choice as to who they hand their money over to.”

Breezeboard Pro denied censoring negative reviews and said the complaints were from customers who were still upset with the company after last Christmas.

A spokesman said: “If we check the name and can’t find them on our database, Trustpilot look into it.

“Once it’s been verified by them, it appears again.

“They have to have an order number, otherwise it could be anybody.

“We have never deleted any negative reviews.

“We can’t do that as a company.

“There’s only four of us so we don’t have time for false reviews.


“We are selling 350-plus boards per week.

“We get a lot of positive reviews, every time we get an order we ask the customer to review us.

“These are customers from last year who are still a bit upset.

“If they want to phone us we are here.”

Although Trustpilot declined to comment on the case, it said it has a team of 35 people and sophisticated software dedicated to ensuring reviews are genuine.

A spokesman said: “We have a flagging option for both consumers and companies.

“This means, that you can flag a review if you believe it violates our guidelines, for example if a consumer uses profane language or a company believes the review isn’t from a genuine customer.

“Our compliance team investigates all flagged reviews and will reinstate those that prove to be authentic.”


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