Dealman Reviews

Dealman is an online ecommerce company which offer latest fashion wearables like hoodies, casuals, suits, formals, Shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, tees, dresses, footwear and accessories. They provide products which are latest in fashion and top on trend. Here are few customer scenarios which Dealman had to deal with and see how they resolved it to have a satisfied and happy returning customer.

What People Think About the Difference in Pricing

Dealman offers various branded clothes and claims to have cheapest and best deals across. Once a customer came up and complained that he has bought reebok sun glares which were priced at $56 on Dealman however on reebok website it was marked at $50. Dealman customer care personal quickly noticed it and sent it to concerned department. Within two weeks the prices were corrected on Dealman website and refund with a complimentary gift was sent to the respective customer. Customer was overjoyed and came back to Dealman to make more purchases in recent past.

Delayed Delivery Related Issues

A customer recently shared his story on a website where he appreciated Dealman conviction to have a happy customer. He said that he made a purchase on Dealman and the delivery was supposed to be within fifteen days however it was not delivered in thirty days. He then wrote to Dealman customer care and asked for his products. The Dealman customer care representative explained that the product was found damaged while being shipped and so was returned to the store and a new piece was in transition which may reach within next two days. To my surprise just two hour from my conversation with Dealman I got a call from delivery man who handed over some gift vouchers with my package saying that these are credits for your service gesture due to delay in the delivery and inconvenience caused.

On Fastest Delivery

I am a dad of two teenagers and somehow forgot the birthday of one of my daughter. I remembered only fifteen days prior and wanted to gift her something she likes. I have heard them discussing about Dealman and their products. So I went on the website and made certain purchases and order fast delivery which was available for just few dollars. I happened to make a note while ordering the urgency I am in and want no delay. To my surprise , my package was sent within 48 hours to my doorstep and all fresh and fashionable. I could make up for my daughter’s birthday and all thanks to Dealman.


Reviews on Refund and Cancelled Product

Once I ordered a large junk of products from Dealman. I must say it’s just very difficult to stop shopping on Dealman, once you have been on the website you just keep browsing and adding products to your cart for hours without even realizing how long you have been there. They keep updating it so often that every time you would login you would have a whole new set of products. By chance I ordered for around $2000 dollars but put wrong address. The amount got deducted from my bank account. Its only after one week when I wanted to check the delivery status, that I got to know that I forgot to update my address and the products were shipped to my old address. I was horrified and quickly in haste just cancelled my order. I was nervous as it was $2000 at stake. By evening I got an email from Dealman customer representative that my order has been cancelled successfully and I will receive a check for the amount to be refunded. To my surprise within two days a Delivery man called me and submitted me my $2000 check which passed without any trouble.

Thought on Color Mismatch

I ordered an army jacket from Dealman site since it was too much in trend and Dealman was offering the best prices. It was a branded one and I wanted it so much. It took them around fifteen days to deliver my packet. I was very excited and opened the packet as soon as I received it. I tried the jacket, it fitted perfectly. I was to go on a date with my fiancé and decided to wear it with a pair of newly bought jeans. I was wearing it for a while flaunting it all over my house, when my mother pointed out that there was slight discoloration on backside of my jacket. I got upset and called Dealman customer care number mentioned on the bill. The customer care representative very patiently heard the whole story and apologized for the inconvenience. Then she said that one of their representative will visit us within two days and will take back the damaged piece and a new fresh piece will be dispatched to reach me within next ten days. I wanted to wear it on my date, so queried about fast delivery. She said that by paying few extra dollars I can get my package within two days, to which I agreed. To my surprise the new piece was delivered to me within 48 hours and they did not charge me extra dollars as a compensation to my inconvenience. I liked the way Dealman dealt with my problem and understood the urgency and provided a solution plus they know how to make up for their mistakes. I love Dealman.

Refund Processed Reviews

I ordered a few pair of jeans on Dealman thinking they were branded and would be of good quality, but to my surprise I was not satisfied with deal I got and the product seemed to be first copy of original brand. I quickly called customer care and explained my situation. Dealman quickly agreed to refund my amount and it was processed without hassles within two weeks. I am quite impressed with the professional behavior of the site and would be delighted to order again from them for I know if it do not meet my expectations, my money would be refunded. I usually go on their website and order several products at the ease of my home.

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Gigi Hadid Wishes Zayn Happy Birthday With a Series of Personal Instas

Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, May 2016

Since they started dating in 2015, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been heralded as one of fashion’s best-dressed couples—and today, on Instagram, they showed they may also be in competition for the cutest.

For Zayn’s 25th birthday, Gigi posted an effusive photo series of the two together, including a Boomerang of them embracing. “I love this man more than I could ever put into words, & am inspired by his drive to be and do better everyday,” she wrote in the caption.

The four-image post also shows Zayn exploring “The Farm,” shorthand for Yolanda Hadid’s rural compound in Pennsylvania. He’s seen nuzzling a white horse, and in another pic, nuzzling a white horse and a dog. It’s all very low-key and domestic for such a high-powered couple, and a shining example of what’s become a social media ritual for friends and lovers alike: the Insta-expression of birthday adoration.

This isn’t the first time the couple has been vocal about their love on social media—in fact, they’re committed to keeping everyone in the loop, documenting relationship milestones, and expressing regular affection. Along with other photos, Gigi posted on her Instagram Story for their two-year anniversary in November. A few months before that, Zayn posted in honor of Gigi’s birthday.

And then there’s the Instagram that started it all, from December 2015. After a month of dating rumors, Zayn put a Polaroid of the two together on social media, a de facto relationship confirmation. The couple that Instagrams together may just stay together.

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Victoria Beckham To Show At London Fashion Week


VICTORIA BECKHAM will join the London Fashion Week schedule for the first time in September for a 10th anniversary show celebrating a decade in the business.

The catwalk event will follow a series of changes to Beckham’s eponymous brand starting with how she presents her autumn/winter 2018 collection in February. Instead of the Sunday morning catwalk slot she has occupied for past seasons at New York Fashion Week, she will showcase the clothes during “intimate presentations” at the James Burden Mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side – a throwback to the appointments she held as a fledgling fashion designer in the early days.

The 10-year anniversary, which will also see Beckham launch “special pieces and activations” throughout the year, according to WWD, follows the news that the brand has acquired £30 million from growth equity firm Neo Investment Partners in exchange for a minority stake in her company.

The union will allow Victoria Beckham Limited, as the global luxury fashion brand is officially registered, to enhance its digital and bricks-and-mortar retail presence, drive core categories and launch new categories and collaborations, according to an official statement from VBL announced. The company will move to new West London premises in the spring of 2018.


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Versace launches Milan Fashion Week fresh from Hollywood win

A model wears a creation as part of Versace men’s Fall-Winter 2018-19 collection, that was presented in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Jan.13, 2018. Luca Bruno AP Photo

A triumphant outing at the Golden Globes primed Donatella Versace to help launch Milan Fashion Week menswear previews on Saturday.

Versace dressed three women for last Sunday’s awards show: Angelina Jolie, Saoirse Ronan, winner for best actress in a comedy, and star of the evening Oprah Winfrey, who wore a shape-hugging number to deliver her celebrated lifetime achievement award speech.

Versace has been riding a wave of appreciation since her September tribute show to her slain brother, fashion house founder Gianni Versace, reunited supermodels from the 1990s while highlighting some of the new generation’s top talent.

“It is appreciation for Gianni, but maybe also a little for me,” she said backstage before her show in Milan.

Here are some highlights from the first day of Milan Fashion Week, which also included fall-winter menswear shows by Emporio Armani, newcomer Isabel Benenato, Marni and Dolce & Gabbana:



This is about as homey as it gets in the take-it-or-leave it ethos of Versace.

Donatella Versace is urging aficionados to “to embrace your inner Versace” with winter menswear looks that take cues from the brand’s home collection.

During her Milan Fashion Week show, pillow plaids became suit jackets worn over archival prints in seafoam green, hot pink and yellow. The effect was punk.

Crushed velvet upholstery prints in deep hues of golden, purple and red were cut into wild mid-length coats worn over a silken print shirt and a neckerchief. Burned umber puffer jackets recalled a comforter.

“These are very Versace elements, refreshed in a street key,” Versace said.

The designer punctuated the show with 11 looks for women to demonstrate, she said, “that our two souls communicate with one another.” They included tassel accents on a low-back mini-dress.

Versace wasn’t afraid to take things down a notch with camel overcoats. A women’s version included colorful side panels that matched a headscarf and leggings.

Men’s trousers were kept short to show off Versace’s new tennis shoe, which features the form of a chain molded into the sole and the words “Love is blind.”



It was a bling call at Dolce & Gabbana.

The designing duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana constructed a Baroque Sicilian church façade as the background for their “King of Angels” collection. The show opened with a tableau of young stars in formalwear, including elaborately embroidered military-style jackets and floral suits, walking beneath a pair of cherubs.

The colorful knitwear that featured cherubic putti in oval frames looked inspired by church ceilings, and angelic visages also graced motorcycle jackets.

Dolce & Gabbana, as usual, offered a range of looks — with suits styled formally, layered with furry jackets and coming pajama-inspired with robe overcoats. The designers employed light-heartedness and humor with heart-shaped backpacks, as well as one that looked like a golden puppet peeking over the wearer’s shoulder.

The designers also emblazoned slogans such as “Time of Change” and “Love is Love” across beanies, waistbands and backsides. Nothing on the runway made the slogans’ meanings explicit, although both could be interpreted as calls for new attitudes.

Colombian singer Maluma closed out the show in a glittering silver suit to match his stage presence.



Arching zippers, tufts of fur and smooth velvet gave zest to Emporio Armani’s youthful tailoring for next winter and fall.

While silhouettes mostly were relaxed, the palette was dark, albeit geared toward the fun end of deep with black, navy and slate giving way to mauve, other blues and shades tinged with purple.

Floral patterns and hypnotic repeating graphics complemented the flowing silhouette of open jackets and easy trousers. Swirls of color also burst forth on alpaca knitwear in soothing blues and icy greens.

Designer Giorgio Armani has forsworn using real animal fur in all his lines, winning praise from animal rights activists. The fur accents on the boots and detachable dyed collars therefore were surely faux. A series of furry black coats were rendered from curly-haired sheepskin, according to the press release, and there were only pony-effect goatskin jackets.

Zippers were deployed with frivolity across knitwear, inviting the playful to detach, or along sleeves, giving a cape-like feel when opened. Trousers were tapered, most elaborately so with a button cuff. Pants were mostly relaxed for daytime leisure and evening events, but tight for the sleek business suits worn tieless.

Velvet worked for day or evening, as casual wear in bomber jackets or elegant suits. Gloves were the accessories of the choice, but the 83-year-old Armani is not abiding the smartphone-driven trend of returning to the fingerless gloves of the 1980s. All of the designer’s gloves were perfectly winter-proof.



Animal rights activists made their presence known during Milan Fashion Week, with several dozen attempting to block access to the Marni preview.

The show went on, running late as the fashion world is wont with or without protests. One fur-wearing fashionista endured a shower of verbal abuse as he ducked into the show at the last minute, but no violence was reported.

Animal rights activists have claimed victories recently, with Armani and Gucci being among the latest to commit to not using animal furs in future collections. Brands like Marni, which was born out of a family fur business, have a tougher line to tread.

Still, the runway show by Francesco Risso, in his second year, included only one obvious animal skin reference, and that was a shearling coat.

A model wears a creations as part of Versace men's Fall-Winter 2018-19 collection, that was presented in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Jan.13, 2018.

A model wears a creations as part of Versace men’s Fall-Winter 2018-19 collection, that was presented in Milan, Italy, Saturday, Jan.13, 2018. Luca Bruno AP Photo


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Kourtney Kardashian and plus-size range help Boohoo double revenues

Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion collection for PrettyLittleThing has helped boost Boohoo’s sales CREDIT: BOOHOO/BOOHOO

A deal with reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and a boom in plus-size clothing helped Boohoo defy the gloomy high street fashion market, as its upped its sales guidance today for the third time this year after revenues doubled.

The online retailer, which caters to fashionable but cost-conscious millennials, said it now expects revenue growth of 90pc in the financial year after sales grew 100pc to £228m in the four months to 31 December.

Its strong performance contrasts with that of many high street fashion retailers, as House of Fraser reported a 2.9pc dip in in-store sales and Marks & Spencer revealed a 2.8pc drop in non-food revenues today.

Neil Catto, chief financial officer, said the “fantastic” results were supported by rising sales of “going out-wear”, as well as Boohoo’s plus-size, tall and petite ranges, while its PrettyLittleThing (PLT) subsidiary was boosted by marketing deals with celebrities. Ms Kardashian launched a 40-piece collection of coats, dresses and jumpsuits with the retailer in October.

Boohoo has also bolstered its growth with acquisitions. It bought a majority stake in PLT, which is run by Boohoo co-founder Mahmud Kamani’s son Umar, for £3.3m in 2016 and last year took over US fashion site Nasty Gal as it was entering administration.

Mr Catto said while he could see more takeovers in the medium-term, Boohoo wasn’t looking to buy any more firms imminently.

Gross margins slipped slightly from 53.1pc to 52.5pc as Boohoo cut prices to make the most of Black Friday.

Mr Catto said: “Some of our competitors were offering huge discounts, 50pc off everything, and we gave competitive discounts. Outside of that period we didn’t have to give as much away in terms of promotions.”

Research firm Globaldata’s Charlotte Pearce said: “While its relentless discounting activity needs attention,’s product and brand presence is clearly winning over 16-24 year old shoppers, ensuring it will continue to outperform in 2018, luring away dissatisfied shoppers from the likes of New Look, Miss Selfridge and H&M.”

Mr Kamani and Carol Kane, joint chief executives, said: “Boohoo has continued to perform well, delivering strong revenue growth on increasingly challenging comparatives last year. PrettyLittleThing has continued to deliver exceptional results and Nasty Gal is making excellent progress in its first year.”


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Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Rebecca of Mommy In Heels

Plus Size Moms out there needing some fashion inspiration? Meet Redbook Real Style Awards winner, Rebecca of Mommy In Heels!

Hope you all have been staying warm and safe in this crazy winter weather!  If you’re stuck at home with another snow day, then it’s the perfect time to catch up on your blogger spotlights!  If you missed our last blogger spotlight, catch up with over-40 blogger Jackie of Curvy Fabulosity!

Today, we meet up with Rebecca of Mommy in Heels.  Rebecca offers up a great mix of casual wear and dressier looks perfect for her life as a mom and boutique owner.  Through her blog, she shares her life as a wife, mom, and business owner and offers practical lifestyle advice and inspiration.  She is a plus size blogger YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Meet Rececca of Mommy in Heels!!

Age:  35 (will be 36 next Wednesday!)
Height:  5’4″
Location: York, PA 

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging for 5 ½ years! I started in June 2012.

What or who inspired you to become a fashion blogger? What led you to it?
I’ve always enjoyed fashion and was always the go-to for my friends when they had a style question or needed fashion advice. With Facebook, comments and messages were always asking where I got this or that outfit. With encouragement from friends and family, I decided to give it a go!

Do you blog full-time, for fun, as a hobby? Share your evolution!
I blog full time (or what I would consider full time). I post M/W/F every week. Initially, I started as a hobby, not even thinking that it was something I could get paid for, nor did I think it would ever become a business for me.

It has definitely been a labor of love over the last 5+ years. When I first started, I blogged 5 days a week. With working full time (I own a women’s clothing boutique called Elizabeth & West Fashion House) and being a Mommy, it was a lot. I felt I had to blog every day. Some days I would post just for the sake of posting. Eventually I scaled back to 3 days a week, knowing that I would post more quality content.

I certainly go through moments (as I am sure most people do) where I get discouraged, or think about throwing in the towel, but when it comes down to it, I could never quit!

What is your favorite asset? Your legs, arms, waist? How do you play that up?
I really enjoy my waist/hips, especially in dresses. Even when I weighed a lot less than I do now, I always had a little curviness to me, which I love. It’s fun to play up those assets when I can!
What are the challenges, if any, you face regarding being plus size?
Being considered plus size is still sort of new to me. I have been everything from a size 2, to my current size 12/14. I remember a couple of years ago a friend texted me telling me she was on Pinterest and she randomly saw my photo – I thought it was so cool that a photo of mine had been repinned so much. Then I saw the caption “How to Wear a Blanket Scarf if you are Plus Size.” It was that moment that I saw me labeled as plus size for the first time (and can we just address that caption? How does a plus size person wear a scarf differently than a non plus size person?! LOL. I mean, it’s a scarf.)

I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, because I had never really considered myself plus size, but when it came right down to it, I was. I felt like there was a public stigma along with it. Lazy, sloppy, unmotivated, doesn’t care about their health. But I am none of those things! I think there’s definitely been a shift in the perception of a plus size person, which is welcoming, but there still is a long way to go! With a lot of time, thought, working through feelings, I am more confident now than I have ever been, and it feels so good.

What’s your favorite thing about being plus size?
All of the new brands I am discovering! It seems like every week I stumble on a new brand that has an amazing selection for girls my size!

What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?
Being a role model for other women is not something I anticipated when I started blogging but it’s a role I’ve gladly taken on and love. I simply thought when I first started blogging I would just share my outfits and that would be it! It’s so fulfilling to receive messages and emails from my readers on a weekly basis thanking me for helping them be more confident.

I am a huge advocate for body positivity so I try to share that with my readers as much as possible. I love knowing that my confidence and positivity helps other women!

I also love sharing my life with my readers. I am pretty open and transparent with my blog followers – it’s something I pride myself on! It’s fun to connect with readers about certain things from a show I am binging to a parenting fail. My husband and I have a blast with Instastories – we think we are hysterical (we probably aren’t, but we enjoy ourselves LOL!)

Who/what are your favorite designers/brands?
I wear a lot of Loft. Their clothes fit me really well-I am super excited for their plus size line to launch in a couple of months. I also adore ELOQUII. Their dresses are amazing and always fit me so well.

My dream designer to collaborate with is Christian Siriano – my husband and I loved him when he was on Project Runway, and it’s been so awesome to see him evolve. He is incredibly inclusive to all shapes and sizes which makes me love him even more. To wear one of his pieces and/or meet him one day would be an absolute dream. I would 100% fangirl on him!

Describe your personal style.
I am a chameleon when it comes to my style, and I like to dress to my mood. One day I am sporting something preppy, the next it’s my checkered Vans, a rocker tee and my faux leather moto jacket. I wouldn’t label myself as one particular style because it’s always changing!

Which bloggers inspire you? Plus or straight size! Any bloggers currently on your radar?
Ah there’s so many to choose from! I get inspired by a lot of different bloggers for different reasons! There are some I follow strictly for outfit inspiration (yes, fashion bloggers get outfit ideas from other bloggers!), others I follow for when I need a little pick me up, or others that are body positive. There are collectively so many that I feel inspired in one way or another!


What do you think about where plus size fashion is today versus a few years back?
Oh wow, plus size fashion has come such a long way over the last several years. It’s amazing how many brands there are for plus size gals, and even other brands that have started to carry larger sizes. It’s like brands are finally realizing that yes, plus size gals do want to and can be stylish and that there is a market for plus size clothing.

One thing that I notice that I think some brands still have to work on is on including more curvy models in their ads and websites. Their clothes may go up to a size 22 or 28, but yet all of their models are the standard 2 or 4. How about showcasing both?

What do you think or hear from readers, is one of the biggest myths about plus size fashion?
One of the things that I hear most from my readers is “I didn’t think that would look good on me because of my size, then I saw you wear it!” I think a lot of plus size gals limit themselves because they automatically think a certain style or trend isn’t for someone their size. Not the case! Style literally has no size limit, so if it’s something that intrigues you, go for it.

Are you working on anything or have anything to share?

YES! I am currently in the process of working on a body positive movement called #MoreThanASize. If all goes according to plan, it will launch January 15th. The premise behind it is that we waste so much time defining ourselves and others based on their size.

We are so much more than a size 2 or a size 16. We are teachers, mothers, mentors, entrepreneurs. This movement is a call to action to look beyond our size to see that we are all so much more!

Stay tuned for the launch on January 15th!

Anything else you want The Curvy Fashionista’s readers to know?
You’re worth it. Your size does not define you. You don’t have to feel that way every day – it’s okay not to (I certainly don’t), but the more you start telling yourself that, the more you believe it!

Also – that one style or trend you weren’t going to try because you thought it wouldn’t look good on your body type? Go for it.

I would also like to mention that I was a Redbook Real Women Style Award winner this year and was on the September cover! I was also featured on The Today Show!

Lastly, what does Curvy.Confident.Chic mean to you?
It means loving yourself, owning your curves, embracing them and being comfortable with who you are!

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Plus-size reinvented: ‘We were told to hide, wear a sack – now we want equality’

Fashion blogger Danielle Vanier, consultant to M&S’s Curve collection. Photograph: M&S

anielle Vanier is a fashion blogger. A recent post sees her in a keyhole-front leather-look jumpsuit teamed with red lipstick and matching ankle boots; on her Instagram feed she is captured in modern faux-candid selfie style, gazing out of a window in black lingerie. Vanier is 30 years old, beautiful, an ambassador for Nike, and a digital influencer with 100,000 followers.

She is also – to use her preferred descriptor – fat. The aforementioned lingerie selfie is captioned “Three Cheers For Back Fat”. “I have always felt that I could have belly rolls, I could have chubby legs, and I could still look great,” she says. Vanier is a consultant to Curve, a new Marks & Spencer range available in sizes 18-32, the first pieces from which go on sale today. That M&S, which is already the biggest retailer in the UK plus-size market with womenswear available up to size 28, has created a separate plus-size collection is a reflection of how plus-size women are demanding the industry serve their needs with the same degree of attention to detail as women shopping for a size 10.

Take sleeves. One £59 faux-leather jacket from the Curve collection has been a hit in pre-launch research, partly due to hidden stretch jersey inserts that make comfortable but shapely sleeves. “Arm circumference is one of those little details that make a difference in plus fashion,” says British plus-size blogger Lottie L’Amour. “We want clothes that accommodate our curves, and flatter our curves.” (Vanier, who is “obsessed” with the jacket, loves “not being sausaged into a sleeve.”)

Curve represents a shift in the emotional tone of plus-size fashion. “When I walk into a shop, I want to feel like the brand are proud of me. I want to feel that they want me in their store, they want me to look great in their clothes,” says Vanier. The size 20 mannequins on which Curve will be displayed in store had to be specially commissioned, as mannequins are only produced in size 6-8 as a “regular” size and a size 12 as a “plus” size. They may be a signpost of how stores will look in the future, as body size diversifies. Currently, the bestselling sizes at M&S are 14 and 16, with sizes 12 and 18 coming next, but the trend is for a broadening spread of sizes: as well as increased demand for the largest sizes, the store is seeing strong sales of size 6, particularly in its Autograph range.

“Body positivity” is a buzz phrase in plus fashion. L’Amour (example post: “Swimsuit or Bikini? Being body positive at the beach”) believes that the “curve” label is catching on because it reflects a more upbeat self-perception. “I don’t really mind what the clothes are called, as long as I can find them,” she says, “but some women don’t like being called ‘plus’. Curve sounds more flattering.” Pre-launch research at M&S pointed to Curve as the best name for the new range because “there is no fear of the term ‘curve’ – it has positive connotations”, says the store’s head buyer, Jo Hales. “I myself use the word ‘fat’ because I don’t see it as negative,” says Vanier, who trained as a textile designer.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham, an activist for body positivity. Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Retail is taking its time to catch up with the positive attitude of Vanier and L’Amour. “Sometimes I ask for a plus-size dress to wear in a shoot, and the biggest press sample is a size 16,” says Vanier with an eye-roll. She is frustrated, also, by the unambitious aesthetic of much plus-size fashion. “One of my favourite pieces in Curve is a sleeveless khaki trenchcoat, which I am obsessed with – you can layer it over jeans and a white T-shirt and it looks really modern. We need more of that sort of fashion.”

The attention being newly lavished on the plus-sized shopper is motivated by a clear business opportunity. While the average British woman is a size 16, only 20% of money spent on womenswear is spent on plus-size fashion. The industry is banking on the notion that plus-size women will spend more money on clothes if the offer becomes more appealing. The success of 11 Honore, which translates the Net-a-Porter model into plus-size with an edit of catwalk fashion in sizes 14-24, has revealed an appetite for luxury fashion, while brands such as Elvi (typical piece: black and polka-dot lace maxi skirt, in sizes 14- 26) and Premme(home of Vanier’s keyhole jumpsuit) have brought fashion-forward attitude to the plus-size market. Curve will face strong competition on the British high street from Asos Curve and River Island Plus, which have established themselves as go-to brands for plus-size shoppers with an appetite for catwalk and streetstyle trends.

Ashley Graham, who recently became the first plus-sized name to feature on Forbes’ list of highest-paid models, has evolved into an activist for body positivity. Recently, she has publicly called out Victoria’s Secret for not including any bigger models on their catwalk, and praised Italian Vogue for not retouching photos of her. The arrival of Curve at Britain’s most seminal high-street giant is a marker of how this confidence has trickled down to a high-street shopper who is no longer content to rifle through the back of the rack for a scaled-up version of clothes that the design studio conceived in a size 10.


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Marks and Spencer launches Curve, a new plus size fashion range on the British high street

Blogger Danielle Vanier wears pieces from the new M&S Curve collection

Yesterday in London, the 30 year-old blogger Danielle Vanier addressed the fashion press over breakfast, picking out her favourite pieces from the new Marks and Spencer Curve rangeand highlighting, candidly, their hidden talents; a super-flattering wrap on a little black dress or, on a biker jacket, the secret stretch panels that mean you can’t be “sausaged into” your sleeves.

“Brands are putting curves back on the agenda,” she told The Telegraph afterwards. “The attention to detail in this collection really makes it special. It has been designed [and developed] on a size 24 block (rather than a usual size 12) so there is real consideration for the curvy figure; from the proportion, to the fabric and finish.”

Hiring a young, stylish and enthusiastic woman with a loyal following (Vanier has almost 100,000 fans on Instagram) to consult on the Curve designs was a savvy move from buying director Jo Hales and her team, and one which has successfully generated buzz amongst a community of plus size bloggers on social media today.

But while Vanier’s voice is the loudest calling for the high street to update its approach to curve fashion, she certainly isn’t the only one M&S has listened to. No fewer than 2,000 British women (all sized 18-32, which the new range serves) have helped Hales to develop Curve’s 100-style offering, the first 26 pieces of which are on sale now.

“The women we met with, and who tried on the pieces as we developed them, told us that fit was the most important thing to them,” Hales tells The Telegraph. “That was what they felt was lacking within existing collections on the high street. It was ‘I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a tent and I’m hidden away’.”

Blogger Danielle Vanier wears pieces from the new M&S Curve collection

Blogger Danielle Vanier wears a dress of her own design from the new M&S Curve collection


When Hales talks about what was once missing the mark for curvaceous women, she is well aware that she is also talking about a void in Marks and Spencer’s own ranges. M&S currently runs its womenswear productions up to a size 24 on many lines and they are already the biggest retailer in the UK’s plus-size fashion market.

To develop new, bespoke products especially for this consumer group, is to acknowledge the power that they now hold. There is now a collective of plus-size British bloggers who are as vocal and passionate about style as any other, while on the catwalk, stars like Ashley Graham are promoting body positivity like never before. Graham in fact became first plus-sized woman to ever feature on Forbes’ highest-paid models list in 2017.

Blogger Danielle Vanier wears pieces from the new M&S Curve collection

Blogger Danielle Vanier wears a dress of her own design from the new M&S Curve collection


“One of the things that most of the women we spoke to told us was that they don’t feel confident in their clothes,” Hales says. “What’s really great now is that, as we are embracing different body shapes in fashion, and embracing new role models, women are feeling more confident about embracing their curves. Now they just need the clothes to match.”

So what exactly are those pieces? The first Curve range was very much an experiment for the M&S team, as Hales says that they knew that they needed to get certain staples right before they can offer more trends in future collections. Curve has soft blouses, good knitwear, and little black dresses (including two designed by Vanier). It’s got trench coats, biker jackets, and plenty of stretch denim – “because everyone wanted perfect fitting jeans.”

“From researching the market we saw that there is a real dominance of youth and that missed a huge proportion of the female population,” says Jessica Harris, M&S’s head of PR. “So many plus-size ranges do a sequin minidress in a size 24, which looks awesome, but it has a very short life span and a very specific customer. How many women, at any size, need a sequin mini dress regularly? For us this was about stylish, sophisticated solutions.”

“We are known as the home of democracy and we currently go up to a size 24, but this was something women were asking for,” adds Hales. “It was essential to start with key pieces that every woman would want, but made specifically for this woman with features like pockets and prints in the most flattering, comfortable places for her.”

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