Dealman Reviews

Dealman is an online ecommerce company which offer latest fashion wearables like hoodies, casuals, suits, formals, Shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, tees, dresses, footwear and accessories. They provide products which are latest in fashion and top on trend. Here are few customer scenarios which Dealman had to deal with and see how they resolved it to have a satisfied and happy returning customer.

What People Think About the Difference in Pricing

Dealman offers various branded clothes and claims to have cheapest and best deals across. Once a customer came up and complained that he has bought reebok sun glares which were priced at $56 on Dealman however on reebok website it was marked at $50. Dealman customer care personal quickly noticed it and sent it to concerned department. Within two weeks the prices were corrected on Dealman website and refund with a complimentary gift was sent to the respective customer. Customer was overjoyed and came back to Dealman to make more purchases in recent past.

Delayed Delivery Related Issues

A customer recently shared his story on a website where he appreciated Dealman conviction to have a happy customer. He said that he made a purchase on Dealman and the delivery was supposed to be within fifteen days however it was not delivered in thirty days. He then wrote to Dealman customer care and asked for his products. The Dealman customer care representative explained that the product was found damaged while being shipped and so was returned to the store and a new piece was in transition which may reach within next two days. To my surprise just two hour from my conversation with Dealman I got a call from delivery man who handed over some gift vouchers with my package saying that these are credits for your service gesture due to delay in the delivery and inconvenience caused.

On Fastest Delivery

I am a dad of two teenagers and somehow forgot the birthday of one of my daughter. I remembered only fifteen days prior and wanted to gift her something she likes. I have heard them discussing about Dealman and their products. So I went on the website and made certain purchases and order fast delivery which was available for just few dollars. I happened to make a note while ordering the urgency I am in and want no delay. To my surprise , my package was sent within 48 hours to my doorstep and all fresh and fashionable. I could make up for my daughter’s birthday and all thanks to Dealman.


Reviews on Refund and Cancelled Product

Once I ordered a large junk of products from Dealman. I must say it’s just very difficult to stop shopping on Dealman, once you have been on the website you just keep browsing and adding products to your cart for hours without even realizing how long you have been there. They keep updating it so often that every time you would login you would have a whole new set of products. By chance I ordered for around $2000 dollars but put wrong address. The amount got deducted from my bank account. Its only after one week when I wanted to check the delivery status, that I got to know that I forgot to update my address and the products were shipped to my old address. I was horrified and quickly in haste just cancelled my order. I was nervous as it was $2000 at stake. By evening I got an email from Dealman customer representative that my order has been cancelled successfully and I will receive a check for the amount to be refunded. To my surprise within two days a Delivery man called me and submitted me my $2000 check which passed without any trouble.

Thought on Color Mismatch

I ordered an army jacket from Dealman site since it was too much in trend and Dealman was offering the best prices. It was a branded one and I wanted it so much. It took them around fifteen days to deliver my packet. I was very excited and opened the packet as soon as I received it. I tried the jacket, it fitted perfectly. I was to go on a date with my fiancé and decided to wear it with a pair of newly bought jeans. I was wearing it for a while flaunting it all over my house, when my mother pointed out that there was slight discoloration on backside of my jacket. I got upset and called Dealman customer care number mentioned on the bill. The customer care representative very patiently heard the whole story and apologized for the inconvenience. Then she said that one of their representative will visit us within two days and will take back the damaged piece and a new fresh piece will be dispatched to reach me within next ten days. I wanted to wear it on my date, so queried about fast delivery. She said that by paying few extra dollars I can get my package within two days, to which I agreed. To my surprise the new piece was delivered to me within 48 hours and they did not charge me extra dollars as a compensation to my inconvenience. I liked the way Dealman dealt with my problem and understood the urgency and provided a solution plus they know how to make up for their mistakes. I love Dealman.

Refund Processed Reviews

I ordered a few pair of jeans on Dealman thinking they were branded and would be of good quality, but to my surprise I was not satisfied with deal I got and the product seemed to be first copy of original brand. I quickly called customer care and explained my situation. Dealman quickly agreed to refund my amount and it was processed without hassles within two weeks. I am quite impressed with the professional behavior of the site and would be delighted to order again from them for I know if it do not meet my expectations, my money would be refunded. I usually go on their website and order several products at the ease of my home.

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‘Gorpcore’, Handmaid’s Tale-inspired fashion – all signs point to end of the world

Maybe Kanye West is to blame. For if he didn’t exactly pioneer what Hadley Freeman dubbed “dystopian sportswear” – that is, his line in tattered flesh-coloured lycra – he’s certainly been championing it. Other culprits conspiring to make us look like people at brunch who’ve had to run through a brush fire and a difficult obstacle course to get there include Alexander Wang and Vetements (the collective responsible for sweatshirts that cost $700).

We have arrived at a trend that could be described as “survivalist fashion-lite”. Or, perhaps it’s “end of the world as we know it but at least we have cold drip coffee”

In addition to subverted activewear, this weekend there was a fashion line inspired by the adaption of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novelThe Handmaid’s Tale, and last month The Cut introduced the world to the “gorpcore” fashion trend (“gorp” being a trail mix of nuts and seeds eaten by hikers).

Gorpcore is the kind of practical outdoor garb that you wore to measure the pH levels in the forest pond on your school camp. You know, survival gear – like fleeces and windbreakers and shoes that you can hike in without getting blisters.

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Meet the frockers if you’re fascinated by fashion

If you like fashion films and documentaries on designers then Frock Club – a group that goes behind the scenes to learn more about the fickle, fast-paced world of fashion – has something to offer.

Local freelance pattern engineer Ruth Povall started Frock Club to educate people about the fashion industry, and hosts concerns about the sustainability of fast fashion, the decline of quality hand-made fashion in Australia and the loss of skilled technical trades that contribute to Australia as a global design hub.

Ms Povall said fashion images in the media only told the end of the story and there was much more behind the fashion cycle that stays hidden.

“This season’s colours were decided by a handful of people two years ago (which) begs the question: Are we being manipulated or is it incredibly good industry co-ordination?” Ms Povall said.

You don’t need to be an avid dressmaker or fashion industry guru to go to Frock Club – go once or many times and meet like-minded “frockers”.

Ms Povall said the next meeting at Crawford House Museum, Alstonville, would explore the science of clothes sizing and why it matters.

The co-author of The Fashion Design System, Pattern Engineering for the 21st Century, Lois Hennes, will be speaking at the meeting, where a collection of pieces from the museum will illustrate the debate on sizing.

The meeting on May 31 is from 10-11.30am.



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Urban Outfitters Goes Gaga: Fashion Retailer Will Sell Joanne Tour Merch

Urban Outfitters will be selling merch from Lady Gaga’s upcoming Joanne Tour.

The fashion retailer — who is already selling some Joanne collectibles including long sleeve sketches of the album’s iconic cover ($38) and “Perfect Illusion” t-shirts ($28) — partnered with Bravado (handlers of tour merch for the likes of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd).

The collection will go on sale Friday, May 19 and some of the items are exclusively on sale now including a graphic tee of the singer channeling Joanne ($28). The exclusive set also includes muscle tanks, hooded sweatshirts, and baseball caps. Little Monsters can also accessorize their outfits with a black tote bags featuring the tour’s neon promotional poster. The highlight of the Joanne merch is a maroon Joanne Alpha Industries bomber jacket.

Urban Outfitters will celebrate the launch of the new line on Friday at Herald Square in New York and on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fans will have a chance to win signed merch by Gaga and tickets for the Joanne Tour at both locations. Previously the company has promoted a merch line for Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour in 2016 and partnered with Metallica in March.

Lady Gaga will embark on the first leg of her North American tour in August.




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Brilliant reaction to designer Thomas Puttick using 60-year-olds in fashion week show

IN ONE of the most refreshing displays of fashion and runway diversity, a young Australian designer has gone where not many have gone before.

Thomas Puttick has actually used ‘older’ models in his eponymous designer label show, on the first official full day of Australian Fashion Week.

Yvonne Tozzi — the mum of Cheyenne Tozzi — backstage ahead of the Thomas Puttick show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Resort. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Yvonne Tozzi — the mum of Cheyenne Tozzi — backstage ahead of the Thomas Puttick show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Resort. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Just before the show started at Carriageworks in Sydney’s Redfern, the voice of designer Puttick explained why his choice of ‘diverse’ women. Or the models he called his ‘muses’.

“The new series is a way for us to present empowered women who have a strong message, and who carry themselves,” he said.

There were tall women, former models, shorter women and even women who weren’t the traditional ‘rake-thin’. Some of the names included Yvonne Tozzi, Nadine Bush, Dina Broadhurst, Nima Davif and Aminata Conteh-Biger.

63-year old graphic designer Lynn Stanton on the runway during the Thomas Puttick show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Picture: Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

63-year old graphic designer Lynn Stanton on the runway during the Thomas Puttick show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Picture: Stefan Gosatti/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

Puttick’s fashion pedigree is sound, having worked with the like of Alexander McQueen, Christopher Esber, Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang and his collection featured ethically sourced fabrics in soft and flowing pieces that really could be worn by many ages, shapes and sizes. Slip dresses, flowing coats, simple oversized black pants, white shirts and tube skirts gave the whole collection a relatable and wearable edge.

Also showing today was Alice McCall, who kicked off an early Monday morning with a rock- chick kind of show featuring combinations that could be put together if we’d all raided grandma’s wardrobes and funked her pieces up with the addition of cool-school granny pants.

As well, Bianca Spender delivered an extraordinarily streamlined show in loose and layered pastel hued pieces — she really has inherited the understated and all-class gene from her fashion designer mum, Carla Zampatti. Bianca accessorised her pieces with some killer Dinosaur Designs jewellery and buckles.

The incredibly cool new label from Mikey Nolan, Double Rainbouu and Karla Spetic will show today while Aussie model, 20-year-old Byron Bay-born Jordan Barrett is, allegedly, being paid $100,000 to ‘walk’ in a show from designer Justin Cassin today.

Red carpet favourite Steven Khalil is scheduled to show his exquisitely made extravaganzas on Monday afternoon while Zhivago and Sass & Bide will also wrap up day one of the annual fashion fiesta which runs until Thursday night, when Romance was Born wraps up the fashion week that was.



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Zendaya releases new gender neutral fashion line

Zendaya: "I want it to feel inclusive and gender neutral"

Zendaya just dropped her second collection for her fashion line Daya by Zendaya and it truly is clothing for everyone.

Not only is the line gender neutral but it includes a size range from XS to XXL and the pricing is affordable with pieces ranging between $18 and $54.

After launching her debut line in November 2016, the twenty-year-old actress paid attention to the response she was getting from very diverse groups of people who were wearing her clothes.

The Disney star decided to expand her line and created gender-neutral pieces to make sure her brand is “inclusive” of all individuals.

During an interview surrounding her new collection, Zendaya told People:

“I wanted everybody to feel like they could wear it. I want it to feel inclusive and gender neutral.”

The young fashion icon also made sure that the style, fit and even the colours of her fashion pieces would compliment everyone who wore them. She told People:

“There was this one copper color that I was obsessed with because I felt it looked so beautiful on everybody’s skin tones.”

She went on to explain that her brand is developing in the right way and is starting to truly reflect her intentions and concept for the clothing line:

“Everything I see for the brand is slowly starting to come true in the sense of how I wanted it to be very open.”

“When it first started, I didn’t really know what people were going to respond to. Seeing how diverse the groups of people that are wearing it are, how they choose to wear it, how old they are, I think that was really exciting for me.

“There was almost too many options the first time. The second time around, we just tightened it up and really made it feel like a collection,” she told People.

The new Daya collection features a variety of items from rompers and jumpsuits to dresses and skirts as well as shoes and jackets in creative cuts, trendy colours and cool materials such as denim, plush and vinyl.

Zendaya’s fashion line is all about “dressing up and down” and doing whatever you want with it.

According to her, the wearer should decide how fancy or chill they want to look in their own unique combination of garments.

Her greatest fashion tip? The trendy actress told People:

“I’m a big believer in sweat pants being dressed up and dressed down.”

“You can wear the sweat pants with the matching sweat top or t-shirt or you can wear it with one of the silk tops and wear heels with it.

“In one of my campaign shots, I did it with the denim jacket from my collection and made it more dressed up. You can make it work,” she continued.

According to Zendaya a must-have for everyone’s closet is a slip dress, because there are numerous opportunities to go with it. You decide if you want to glam up or create an easygoing look with it.

She explained to People:

“I think I made so many in my collection because they look great on everyone, they’re beautiful on different skin tones and they’re easy to dress up and dress down. You can wear them with sneakers, you can wear them with heels and it’s like a completely different look.”

She rocked a copper slip dress herself a few weeks ago at the Kid’s Choice Awards:

If you’re wondering where Zendaya gets her design inspiration from, the Spider-Man: Homecoming star revealed that she searches for people who have a unique style and aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to expressing themselves through fashion, on Instagram.

One of her biggest Insta inspirations is Erykah Badu. An American singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and activist has a mystic and super artsy looking Instagram feed rich in colours, topics and creative fashion accessories.

“Whether they’re a celebrity or just a random person that I find on Instagram or Tumblr, I’m inspired by people who are dressing and doing things for themselves — those are the ones that I look up to,” she told People.

If you are, or plan to become, the proud owner of Zendaya’s fashion pieces be sure to post a photo of yourself wearing them on Instagram with the hashtag #DayabyZendaya – chances are the singer will see the pic and leave a sweet comment for you.

In her People interview she admitted:

“I was just stalking people before getting on the phone,” she admits. “I was looking up #DayabyZendaya and I liked everybody’s pictures and commented. It’s fun.”


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Dior in the Desert: 6 Things to Know About Tonight’s L.A. Show


The Resort world tour continues with Dior’s show in Los Angeles. This evening, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri brought the fashion pack to the Santa Monica Mountains Nature Preserve—in ATVs, no less!—to present a collection of midi dresses, utility jackets, and chunky knits fit for the rugged, laid-back setting.

Chiuri’s unlikely inspiration? The primitive wall paintings in the Lascaux cave, which are estimated to be up to 20,000 years old. She discovered that Monsieur Christian Dior was fascinated by Lascaux; his “Ovale” collection of 1951 featured prints inspired by the paintings. Chiuri riffed on the idea in her own way tonight, but like Monsieur Dior, her pieces had a mystical, otherworldly quality. Below, read more about the collection while you wait for Nicole Phelps’s revi

The Location

In the vast nature preserve, guests were seated in airy tents with views of the hills. The show began just after sunset, and in the background, hot air balloons swayed gently in the breeze. As for the runway, there wasn’t one; models walked by on the packed dirt in flat boots and leather sandals.

The Celebs

The convenient thing about L.A. is that it’s where the celebrities are. Charlize Theron, Freida Pinto, Demi Moore, and Rihanna—who wore jeans and a new Dior fur—were just a few big names at the show.

The Primitive Prints

Chiuri’s silk jacquard dresses and jackets featured her dreamy, blown-up interpretation of the Lascaux animal paintings. In earthy shades of tan, rust, and ocher, the prints looked surprisingly close to the real thing; there was even a fur coat intarsia’d with the motif for the ultimate mix of past and present.

The Dresses

Many of the dresses came in Chiuri’s favorite silhouette: corseted bodice, square neckline, A-line midi skirt. There were also plenty of her signature balletic, sheer embroidered gowns; some came with a sequined handprint motif, while others had primitive-looking embroideries of women and animals.

The Western Hats

Similar to her Fall ’17 show where every model wore a black leather beret, every look here was topped with a flat-brim hat, often tied below the chin or adorned with turquoise beads.

The Natural Hair

Models wore their hair in a simple, unfussy style you can try at home: a loose braid tied with leather.



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Sci-Fi Sunglasses Are Big in Georgia, Too

Remember the popular bug-eye-meets-Matrix sunglasses that made waves at Balenciaga and Marni last season? They weren’t news in Eastern Europe: The sci-fi shades have long been a go-to accessory in the region, whether Neo-inspired or not. Last week, the look came full circle, resurfacing at Fashion Week Tbilisi Fall 2017, both on and off the runway.

The futuristic, pint-sized lenses made a cameo at It-kid designer Gola Damian’s show, fit for a beady-eyed alien, while Datuna’s version came flared for a warped Trekkie appeal. The trend appeared on the sidewalks outside the show, too. There they took on a raver vibe, tinted in saccharine shades and worn with all things slouchy. Fun fact: Bella Hadid, who often wears Tbilisi-based designer Situationist, has also sported the yesteryear-meets-lightyear sunglasses. Need we say more?

Here, how to get the Tbilisi look, wherever you are.


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