Dealman Reviews

Dealman is an online ecommerce company which offer latest fashion wearables like hoodies, casuals, suits, formals, Shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, tees, dresses, footwear and accessories. They provide products which are latest in fashion and top on trend. Here are few customer scenarios which Dealman had to deal with and see how they resolved it to have a satisfied and happy returning customer.

What People Think About the Difference in Pricing

Dealman offers various branded clothes and claims to have cheapest and best deals across. Once a customer came up and complained that he has bought reebok sun glares which were priced at $56 on Dealman however on reebok website it was marked at $50. Dealman customer care personal quickly noticed it and sent it to concerned department. Within two weeks the prices were corrected on Dealman website and refund with a complimentary gift was sent to the respective customer. Customer was overjoyed and came back to Dealman to make more purchases in recent past.

Delayed Delivery Related Issues

A customer recently shared his story on a website where he appreciated Dealman conviction to have a happy customer. He said that he made a purchase on Dealman and the delivery was supposed to be within fifteen days however it was not delivered in thirty days. He then wrote to Dealman customer care and asked for his products. The Dealman customer care representative explained that the product was found damaged while being shipped and so was returned to the store and a new piece was in transition which may reach within next two days. To my surprise just two hour from my conversation with Dealman I got a call from delivery man who handed over some gift vouchers with my package saying that these are credits for your service gesture due to delay in the delivery and inconvenience caused.

On Fastest Delivery

I am a dad of two teenagers and somehow forgot the birthday of one of my daughter. I remembered only fifteen days prior and wanted to gift her something she likes. I have heard them discussing about Dealman and their products. So I went on the website and made certain purchases and order fast delivery which was available for just few dollars. I happened to make a note while ordering the urgency I am in and want no delay. To my surprise , my package was sent within 48 hours to my doorstep and all fresh and fashionable. I could make up for my daughter’s birthday and all thanks to Dealman.


Reviews on Refund and Cancelled Product

Once I ordered a large junk of products from Dealman. I must say it’s just very difficult to stop shopping on Dealman, once you have been on the website you just keep browsing and adding products to your cart for hours without even realizing how long you have been there. They keep updating it so often that every time you would login you would have a whole new set of products. By chance I ordered for around $2000 dollars but put wrong address. The amount got deducted from my bank account. Its only after one week when I wanted to check the delivery status, that I got to know that I forgot to update my address and the products were shipped to my old address. I was horrified and quickly in haste just cancelled my order. I was nervous as it was $2000 at stake. By evening I got an email from Dealman customer representative that my order has been cancelled successfully and I will receive a check for the amount to be refunded. To my surprise within two days a Delivery man called me and submitted me my $2000 check which passed without any trouble.

Thought on Color Mismatch

I ordered an army jacket from Dealman site since it was too much in trend and Dealman was offering the best prices. It was a branded one and I wanted it so much. It took them around fifteen days to deliver my packet. I was very excited and opened the packet as soon as I received it. I tried the jacket, it fitted perfectly. I was to go on a date with my fiancé and decided to wear it with a pair of newly bought jeans. I was wearing it for a while flaunting it all over my house, when my mother pointed out that there was slight discoloration on backside of my jacket. I got upset and called Dealman customer care number mentioned on the bill. The customer care representative very patiently heard the whole story and apologized for the inconvenience. Then she said that one of their representative will visit us within two days and will take back the damaged piece and a new fresh piece will be dispatched to reach me within next ten days. I wanted to wear it on my date, so queried about fast delivery. She said that by paying few extra dollars I can get my package within two days, to which I agreed. To my surprise the new piece was delivered to me within 48 hours and they did not charge me extra dollars as a compensation to my inconvenience. I liked the way Dealman dealt with my problem and understood the urgency and provided a solution plus they know how to make up for their mistakes. I love Dealman.

Refund Processed Reviews

I ordered a few pair of jeans on Dealman thinking they were branded and would be of good quality, but to my surprise I was not satisfied with deal I got and the product seemed to be first copy of original brand. I quickly called customer care and explained my situation. Dealman quickly agreed to refund my amount and it was processed without hassles within two weeks. I am quite impressed with the professional behavior of the site and would be delighted to order again from them for I know if it do not meet my expectations, my money would be refunded. I usually go on their website and order several products at the ease of my home.

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6 Men’s Fashion Trends to Keep for Spring 2017

Saying goodbye to winter often means saying hello to new fashion trends. Men’s fashion is changing fast and you definitely want to be adopting the latest trends as soon as possible. However, not all trends are worth binning at this point – there are six men’s fashion trends you want to hold onto this spring.

Trend #1:Checks

Tartan and different chequered fabrics have been a fashion stable in the early years of men’s fashion. However, the stunning, funky design did drop out from radar for a few decades, making a comeback in 2016. You definitely shouldn’t let go of it this spring either.

Since scarfs and heavy tartan jackets are out of the question, you can introduce this trend to your wardrobe in other ways. Opt for swanky check suit or simply pair tartan trousers with a jumper for smart casual style. Shop at Burberry for great tartan looks in a classic style.

Richmart men’s suit

Trend #2: Wide-leg trousers

Skinny jeans have been a bit out of date in recent seasons and spring 2017 will continue the trend of skipping the tight cuts. Wide-leg trousers and loose cuts, in general, continue to dominate the fashion scene.

Jeans are naturally the easiest way to sport this trend. You could pick wide-leg jeans and pair it with a fitting t-shirt for a casual look. However, you can also find lovely wool-mixed trousers in the looser cuts, adding a bit more elegance to your style. River Island’s trouser selection has plenty of great options for affordable yet stylish looks.

Trend #3: Retro Sportswear

Sportswear is not as untrendy as it used to be. Not only is it acceptable to head out in sweatpants and swanky hoodies, but you also have plenty of luxury designers upping their sportswear game.

In terms of trends in sportswear, retro clothing has been the big thing. The past few seasons have been all about the 1980s, but you’ll also see plenty of 70s style clothing hit the stores in spring 2017. So, what should you be wearing? Matching two-piece tracksuits and drawstring trousers are a must-have. You should also invest in a good leather bomber jacket. Check out the options at Woodhouse Clothing for affordable designer options – the site’s Adidas Original Collection is a great pick.

Trend #4: Printed t-shirts

Now, another blast from the past has been the rise of the printed t-shirt. The nostalgic fashion of the 1990s dominated in 2016, with print t-shirts featuring on the catwalk and in street fashion. The same fascination with prints seems to continue this spring.

The hottest prints at the moment have some kind of rave element to them. Menswear is full of shocking designs and colour clashing pictures. If you want to do this the right way, you opt for something bold – yellow Blondie band shirts or neon coloured designs. On the other hand, there are plenty of options for those looking to wear prints but who are not quite ready for the brightness. Graphic grey and navy coloured prints can be found from Topman’s collection, for example.

Richmart men’s suit, combined with a printed t-shirt

Trend #5: Neutral beige

In terms of colour, last year was a big year for neutral beige. This often forgotten and sometimes even hated colour was everywhere. It isn’t any wonder – beige is a versatile colour that can be paired with luxury items and casual clothing.

Natural beige looks great in a lot of styles and you can find plenty of brands with beige clothing. The trendiest option is to pick casual beige trousers – such as a pair of chinos. Beige is also a great spring colour for jackets. A longer length jacket in beige pairs well with a black suit or jeans and jumper.

Trend #6: Cuban collars

Cuban collars were among the biggest trends in men’s fashion in 2016. The collars were everywhere from the high street to high end – the popularity and reach of the trend was largely down to the influence of Mr Montana. Although it must also be said that the trend should always be a top trend – the clean cut looks sharp, timeless and extremely fun on all sorts of styles.

While plenty of Cuban collars featured in Hawaiian prints last year, you don’t need to continue with this colourful trend this spring. On the other hand, if your wardrobe has Cuban collars in botanical – and specifically, in floral – prints or in plain colours, you are in for a treat.

Pair your Cuban collar with slim-fit jeans or wool mixture trousers. The shirts will also look great with cotton If you are heading out, add a leather jacket or a tweed one for a more elegant look. Cuban collars are not hard to find – Reiss has a good selection of classic designs.

So, if you are considering a wardrobe update for spring 2017 make sure to hold onto items in the above six trends. You definitely don’t want to throw them away just yet. Furthermore, if you want to add something new and you missed out on these trends last year, add them to your repertoire now!

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This Fashion Brand Is A Celebration Of Black Trans Women

It would be a severe understatement to call LA fashion label No Sesso a work of art. Especially when you have been witness to the hours of intricate, exacting labor that goes into the construction of each garment. On any given day, you will find the room where No Sesso founder and designer Pierre Davis produces the collection, overflowing with mountains of embroidery floss, every type of fabric imaginable, and racks of meticulously crafted clothing. One denim jacket—which depicts a scene of the fantasy “No Sesso Bump & Curl Salon” in stunning, detailed hand embroidery—took six months to complete. Artists like Mykki Blanco, Le1f, and Kelsey Lu stop by to pull looks, and someone from the No Sesso team is usually around for brainstorming sessions. That team includes stylist and casting director J. Sims, assistant designer Leo King, and Arin Hayes, who helps with marketing and content production.

No Sesso’s models are almost exclusively queer, trans, and nonbinary people of color. Every intention, every image and every garment is a tribute to the elegant beauty of black women, trans and gender-fluid folks, sex workers, and the marginalized people that fashion has historically exploited, rejected, and discredited. While, in recent years, many designers and fashion industry leaders have paid lip service to the subjects of diversity and accessibility in fashion, few are actually putting it into practice the way No Sesso is doing. I talked to the No Sesso team as they were wrapping up a one month pop-up shop at LA’s Sade Gallery that will end with a party on April 22.

How did No Sesso start? What did you see lacking in the fashion industry that inspired you to become a designer?

Davis: No Sesso started in 2012 when I was going to school for fashion design. The instructor gave the class a project to create a collection, find a target market, and construct three looks for a class presentation. I was having a hard time finding clothing I could relate to in stores and was so tired of everything being “only” for women or men … there was nothing for people in between.

No Sesso is a never-ending peaceful protest—shaping the future of fashion, where everyone can wear whatever they want and feel confident.

Shopping for new clothes can be very frustrating because some girls have broad shoulders and some men are petite. I wanted and still strive to break these fashion binaries because they are very problematic and lead to a lot of insecurities and anxiety for people. Getting dressed is something we all have to do on a daily basis, and I want to make clothes that everyone can wear comfortably. The worst thing is going out and seeing the perfect dress, but it doesn’t fit because it’s only made for a “certain shape.” With No Sesso, I want to create for all shapes, sizes, and identities. I notice in fashion that androgyny and trans women are often trendy or “in season.” No Sesso is a never-ending peaceful protest—shaping the future of fashion, where everyone can wear whatever they want and feel confident.

There is always a story behind your collections. One of your most moving and profound collections, “Working Girls,” was about the empowerment of sex workers. Can you tell me more about that?

Davis: Yes, “Working Girls” is a peaceful protest for sex workers. Black trans women have it the worst in this world. We are dying constantly—from hate crimes to not having proper health care. Where I live, I see a lot of black and Latina trans women working at night, on Santa Monica Boulevard. Most of the world looks at these women as if they are doing something bad. There is nothing wrong with sex work; what’s wrong is how sex workers are stigmatized. Not all sex workers want to make a living doing this line of work. However, it’s a fast way to make cash when corporate America doesn’t give you a chance because you’re not “passing” or “professional.”

I dedicated this collection to sex workers because, at the end of the day, they are out here trying to survive just like the rest of us. It’s important to shed a light on them that shows them as regular, everyday people.

J, how do you se the models and style the garments to make the most impact?

Sims: A major mission of the brand is to make our work accessible​ to those excluded from the fashion scene, so the majority of the models we work with are friends of ours. Personalities are important, so when we work with someone new, I usually find them on Instagram, which is a good way to see what they’re like and what their interests are. I look for people that reflect the DNA of the brand and that represent the kind of real people that we’re surrounded with … free spirits, artists, rebels, people that really understand what we’re trying to do. Styling is the easy part. I imagine how my friends would wear the pieces, and I collect all the bits of the No Sesso world that Pierre has built and arrange them into outfits.

Repurposing materials to create such high-end luxury garments is such a powerful statement. Tell me why using repurposed fabrics is important to you, Pierre.

Davis: The more we reuse, the less damage we are contributing to. No Sesso plans to take as little part as possible in adding to the ecological footprint.

LA is not traditionally included in the conversation about fashion-forward cities. What’s it like being a designer here? What differs in your creative process from say, someone who lives in New York?

Davis: You would think LA would be a major fashion city by now, but it’s definitely on its way there. When I go to the fashion district downtown, I’m constantly inspired.

I would say my creative process is different because I’m not making collections to traditionally follow fashion guidelines. For example, I don’t need to show my collections for spring/summer during the season that all the other designers are showing. I’d rather show when the season is approaching so my clientele doesn’t have to wait months to get looks from the runway. I wouldn’t say it’s easier to design here, but I will say it’s not as competitive.

What will your next few collections be about? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Davis: I can’t say too much what the next collections will be about because that spoils the surprise when I present it to the world. All future collections will continue to bring light to important matters in the world. In the future I want the brand to become more global so that we can fight against hate and donate to important matters. I would love to collaborate with an organization that caters to trans women of color. I just want us safe and healthy.



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Montreal prides itself on its vibrant and diverse fashion scene. It’s interesting to see how young designers draw inspiration from our distinct, cultural melting pot and re-transform fashion in unbelievable ways!

Looking to revamp your wardrobe or just searching for inspiration?  This week Gen’s Delights introduces you to a unique jewelry designer and proposes two student run fashion showsthat will surely set your creative wheels in motion.

*** Enter to win:  Answer the question at the end of the article and leave your comments below for your chance to win a pair of entry tickets to Globalista this Thursday!

I got the chance to interview French designer Perrine Marez, a brilliant young artisan who discovered her passion for handcrafts by studying art and design at the St-Luc School of Art in Belgium.

After her arrival in Montreal, she launched her own unique collection Bijoux Pépine: a contemporary line of elegant and timeless jewellery pieces made from various resined minerals that that can be worn under all circumstances and that cater to a bevy of styles.

  1. Please tell me a little about your background and your studies. How did the idea of working in jewelry come about? Who in your family helps you and what is / are their role?

“I have always bathed in creation. I owe it to both my mother, who was very hands-on and always harbored original, creative ideas to decorate the house and to my father who is an entrepreneur at heart. Like all children, I loved to draw, but with me this creative passion persisted and developed.

During the course of my higher studies in art and design (St-Luc Tournai, Belgium), I acquired and perfected quite a few manufacturing techniques, was driven to develop a personal universe and taught to complete projects as an entrepreneur. I also met my spouse, a student in graphic design, who supported my vision and who shared with me other plastic and visual inspirations. He’s now my graphic designer, helps develop my brand, website and any printed material.

I never imagined I would start a business here in Canada, let alone jewelry; paradoxically I hardly wear any!  Yet, when I arrived here, the idea of jewelry making came naturally.  I felt like creating something from home, without having to resort to imposing machines – which I did not have access to. From markets to street sales, I slowly built up my network, increased my online visibility and today, my products are found in stores nationwide. I often collaborate with international players (France, Japan, and Luxembourg) as well as with well-known local personalities. I intend to keep developing this company which is like my second child!

  1. Why did you choose minerals (sand, resin, concrete) as your medium of choice? It is easy for you to obtain these materials? Are there competitors locally / internationally? 

My inspirations are both visual and conceptual. I love Nordic-style minimalist modern design: clean, geometric lines that preserve warmth and sensitivity. In contrast, I am also quite attracted to the authenticity of ancient, primitive civilizations. The mystery and spirituality that emerges fascinates me.

An important part of my creativity is fueled by my history. I am originally from Dunkirk, a coastal city in northern France that was 90% destroyed during World War II and swiftly rebuilt with basic architecture materials of bricks and concrete. The current city is now flourishing, but still retains its seaside charm with its many natural dunes. There are also the Blockhaus (German bunkers) that are part of my cultural heritage.

Most of the materials I use can be found in groceries or specialized stores, however I also collect special ingredients from my travels… Lucky for me I have several friends here in Montreal from various cultural backgrounds that help contribute to my supply when they return from abroad!

As for competitors, I guess there are other designers ( local or not ) who are using the same kind of mediums (minerals and spices crystallized in resin), but I don’t know them. My creations are the result of my experimental garden: I seek, I try, I miss, I continue, to finally arrive at something that speaks to me and that I like.

CLEOPATRA the brand’s emblem, that inspires glory and fame like the famous queen of Egypt!

  1. How do you see your fashion jewelry line evolving, what is the next step?

Who knows! I’m a very intuitive person and I am just trying to make things I like.  Business wise, I seek to expand in many boutiques all over the world, focusing first in North America and then in Europe. I would like to see my line elevated, yet accessible while retaining its sensitive and sleek nature, because that’s what I like. I will continue on this path and see where it will take me in the future. What I can definitely say is  as a creative person, I will always want to create new items and keep my eyes open to anything that can be inspiring.

  1. Could you give some words of advice for those wishing to enter the field of design or fashion?

I’m not sure I will be very original with my answer, but in this very highly competitive field, I would say: Fully commit to yourself and your goals, work hard, work harder, be perseverant and be creative. I believe it’s the only way to stand out!

Thanks to Perrine Marez, designer of the brand Bijoux Pépine, met at Fashion Preview 2017.

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Get to know fashion blogger Rach Parcell like never before!

If you wanted to get to know a famous fashion blogger, here’s your chance!

Meet Rach Parcell, the brains and beauty behind the popular blog Pink Peonies, and the founder of the Rachel Parcell fashion line.

Parcell has clearly made a name for herself in the world of fashion blogging. She visited New York City for New York Fashion Week, and we had a chance to sit down with her to chat about her go-to song to sing in the shower, her must-have item, and more.

Check out our Facebook live video with her above, and some breakout questions with her below!

If that wasn’t enough, see our part one and part two interviews with Parcell as well.

#YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases rising talents. To see more past interviews, including more features on Rach Parcell, click here.

What can you not leave home without?

Well, my phone, because when you’re a blogger or Instagrammer, you know you need your phone. And then, lipstick. I’m a lipstick girl, if I don’t have lipstick on I feel dead. I don’t feel cute. I need lipstick on all the time, so you’ll always find my phone and lipstick on me at all times.

What is your go-to magazine?

In Style, for sure. From the time I was in high school, my mom had a subscription to In Style, so it came to our house all of the time. I hoard it. I have issues from 2009 — like stacked. In Style has just been a favorite throughout all seasons of my life.

If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Right now, I would choose Alexander Hamilton. Like I said, I’m a total fangirl of this — I started listening to the music and fell in love with it, and I sing it to my kids all of the time now. I’m so intrigued by that, and that era of the revolution. So, yes I would go to lunch with one of our founding fathers Alexander Hamilton.

What’s your go-to Starbucks or coffee drink?

I actually don’t drink coffee, believe it or not. All of my friends are like ‘how do you survive in the morning without coffee?’ But I don’t know what I’m missing because I’ve never tried it. My go-to is hot chocolate and it’s so bad because it’s so many calories, and I love the whipped cream on it. Especially when I’m pregnant, I crave that stuff. You’ll catch me in July in 90-degree heat, and I’ll be drinking hot chocolate. So that’s my go-to morning treat.

What’s your favorite show to binge-watch?

Suits, okay, it’s on the USA Network and I love it because it’s a show you’re going to like and your husband or boyfriend will like too. It’s a good guy and girl show, and Meghan the actress is dating Prince Harry, so it’s fun to see their relationship and to watch the show she’s on. I want to quit blogging and move to New York to become a corporate lawyer because of it. There’s like six seasons, so you can gear yourself up and get food, and just binge watch it. Suits is for sure my number one. All of my friends I’ve recommended it to have fallen in love with it.

You do some cool stuff with interior design, do you have a favorite DIY hack?

The 3M command hooks. I love to decorate my house for Christmas and the 3M command hooks save my life. If you’re trying to put up a garland or wreath, I always use the 3M command hooks. I also like to entertain a lot. I just had my little boy’s blessing and I had everyone come over to my house, so I wanted to do this really pretty centerpiece, and we had this gorgeous garland hanging off the marble countertop and I couldn’t figure out how to drape this garland, and the 3M command hooks saved my life. Even if you’re just wanting to put up a picture frame, the command hooks, and the heavy duty ones are a really great way to hang things.

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Reclaiming the word ‘old’: How fashion is fighting ageism

Jacky O’Shaughnessy had just moved back to New York after a 20-year stint in Los Angeles and was staying with friends in the West Village when she stepped outside to have a cigarette. It was 9 p.m., and she was relishing the sights and sounds of her former home, when a woman walked out of a nearby restaurant and approached her.

“You look so regal,” she said to the surprise of O’Shaughnessy, who was then 60 years old. As she began to interject, the woman said, “It doesn’t matter, you’re beautiful,” and walked off into the night.


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Old Victoria Outfitters clothing geared toward relaxed lifestyles

As you may have noticed, men’s fashion is not something I have touched on much in the last few years.

The truth is that this is not my area of expertise. The majority of my experience with men’s clothing relates to T-shirts and shorts with the occasional dress shirt and tie.

The irony of it all is that I’ve had numerous male friends and colleagues approach me over the last few years and ask me to write a column about men’s clothing option here in Victoria.

Most recently, a good friend of mine sent me a text and made two very interesting suggestions for column topics: men’s clothing and purses designed to accommodate beverage bags for wine. As much as I fully support the concept of the latter, I decided it was time to “man-up” and face the former.

My first thought was “Where do I start?” There are a few obvious choices in town, but I really preferred not to go with any place that everyone already knew right off the bat.

Coincidentally, at about the same time, I received an email from Old Victoria Outfitters inviting me to stop by the store and check it out. Two birds, one stone. It sounded like a plan to me.

I knew nothing about this shop except that it was formerly the Atzenhoffer Proshop on Navarro Street. I will admit that before I walked in, I had it in my mind that this shop would be more specialty items than anything else. You know, things only useful if you are actually going fishing or hunting.

I could not have been more wrong.

Old Victoria Outfitters has a ton of fun stuff, both practical and slightly less practically for men and women of any age. As far as clothing goes, everything is pretty casual and most definitely geared toward a relaxed lifestyle. From fishing-style shirts to caps to sunglasses to flip-flops, they have pretty much anything you could need at reasonable prices and easier to find than wandering around Academy.

I was thrilled that they had Reef flip-flops. I have consistently worn Reefs since high school, and they are my personal recommendation for comfortable and durable flops, which are an absolute requirement for South Texas summers.

In fact, I have a very specific pair of flip-flops in mind that are in desperate need of an upgrade.

Clothes and accessories aside, what I liked the most about Old Victoria Outfitter was the gift options. They had a ton of practical gift ideas like Yeti Coolers and Waterloo Rods, as well as a ton of not-as-practical-but-way-more-fun gift ideas such as tumblers, flasks, koozies, candles and Bottle Freakers (I swear that’s what they are called).

My personal favorite was the Freaker Feet socks. Seriously, who does not want a pair of lime green socks with a unicorn sitting on a corn cob that says “Unicorn on the Cob?”

Ultimately, I bought a couple of koozies that I thought would make great gifts for a few friends.

What I really wanted, though, was a teepee. Yes, an actual teepee. It was almost as tall as me and would make a perfect hideout for my dogs. A second trip may be required. I’ll keep you posted.

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Céline Is a Women’s Brand, But That Doesn’t Stop Men From Wearing It

That Céline isn’t designed for men doesn’t stop them from buying it. Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images


Like so many fans of fashion, the stylist Megan Bowman Gray has an unabashed love of the French label Céline. “I’ve always felt that Phoebe understands women,” she says, referring to the brand’s designer since 2009, Phoebe Philo. “The fact that she’s a working woman, that she’s a mom — she makes things that make you feel strong and powerful while you’re wearing them,” she says. “She’s on a level all to herself. I’ve been a collector of hers for the last six years. I think she can do no wrong.”

Gray’s husband, the film producer Hunter Gray, shares in his wife’s enthusiasm, and has amassed his own haul of choice items from the label, including some outerwear pieces — a mackintosh, a blue coat with cream pinstripes, and a floral-print leather jacket — and some shirting decorated with ribald illustrations of women’s breasts. All this despite the fact that, technically, the brand doesn’t make men’s clothing.

“It was in an editorial and I showed it to him,” Gray says of the leather biker jacket decorated with colorful flowers, “and he contacted this woman down at the Bal Harbor store. That started our Céline addiction together.” Hunter has a relatively staid daily uniform, his wife says, of black T-shirt and dark jeans. But he also owns pieces like Rick Owens skirts and has a penchant for Yohji Yamamoto and Alexander McQueen. “When you first see him you’d never think in a million years that he has this passion for design,” she says.

Philo’s influence since taking the reins at Céline shouldn’t be underestimated. Her soft minimalism, idiosyncratic femininity, and penchant for clunky, oversize tailoring has reverberated throughout the industry, and she’s defined the dominant look for the better part of the last decade. She’s the reason everyone adopted Birkenstock sandals a few seasons back. Ditto Vans slip-on sneakers and Adidas Stan Smiths. It’s because of her that women opt for cocooning, droopy sweaters, voluminous trenches or top coats, and slouchy trousers — all this following the skinny-jeans and bandage-dress years that came before. Philo’s erudite glamour now seems like it was always preordained, but it was a revelation when she inched it into the zeitgeist with her early collections at the LVMH-owned brand.

It’s only fitting that as men become less tethered to traditional gestures of masculinity, they’d be open to adopting the look of the most influential designer of our current era — no bother that her clothes aren’t designed with them in mind. Kanye West was a pioneer when he made waves bywearing one of her printed blouses at Coachella in 2011, and Pharrell has been known to wear her clothing, from a millennial-pink Crombie coat to herskater-inspired sneakers. GQ shot Williams in a $64,000 Céline fur coat and has endorsed dressing more like the designer.

The notion of gendered dressing is becoming less important to a new generation for whom queer culture has been mainstreamed and gender fluidity is the new norm. And Céline is arguably the most hyped brand currently on the market, with signature pieces that take a knowing eye to ID — it’s the ultimate insider’s label. Naturally, men want to partake in its ability to transmit that the wearer is part of a certain fashionable in-crowd.

“I love that gray area: it’s women’s but it’s supposed to be masculine; it’s men’s but it can be worn by women,” says Teddy Feher, founder of the business consultancy agency Merce Worldwide. “I love both of those things.” Feher has purchased bags and leather goods from Céline, including the horizontal tote-bag style, which he uses as a beach bag, albeit one with a four-figure price tag. “It’s a really good shape. Céline is very masculine as a brand, so I think it works,” he says. “It reminds me of Sofia Coppola. She always wears Charvet shirts, which are men’s shirts.”

On a recent weekday afternoon, the Céline store in Soho is an oasis from the busy streets, empty save for a tourist couple and a young blonde with a taut frame trying on a floor-skimming skirt. The store is tasteful, almost to a fault, with its artful marble-and-stone inlaid floor tiles, dove gray walls, and verdant green plants in earthenware pots, all cast in a stark yet charitable glow by the large light boxes hovering above.

I ask to try on some large two-tone bucket bags with fat shoulder straps and a boxy black coat in lightweight virgin wool. The saleswoman, a severe brunette, doesn’t flinch when I ask her what size she thinks I might be. “Don’t be nervous,” she intones. “Lots of guys shop here.” While the bag is a little too eye-catching, the coat is funky yet subtle enough for a guy to reasonably pull off without raising too many eyebrows. It strikes the perfect balance between flashy and quotidian; I’d buy it, if it weren’t for the hefty price. She shows me a navy turtleneck sweater and a white leather biker jacket. “These pieces have been doing especially well with our male customers,” she says. When I press her for details on who, exactly, this man is, she demurs. Discretion is almost as important to the Céline shopper as style.

Emmanuel Sénat, a stylist and creative director at Unbiased magazine owns a pair of silk pants — which are like a cross between sweatpants and pajama pants, he says — a few cashmere crew-neck sweaters, and a large leather bag from Céline. “As a brand, they’ve created themselves to be more than just fashion,” he says, trying to explain his attraction to the brand. “It’s like a type of person. It’s a philosophy, a lifestyle, a choice that goes beyond the clothing. It reflects who you are as a person.”

He directs me to an article from AnOther magazine called “The 10 Céline-isms: Live Life The Céline Way” to understand its appeal. “Less is always more,” one of the dictums reads, in addition to “Establish a uniform,” “Think wider than fashion,” and “Know what you’re talking about.”

To Sénat, the idea that a brand is for a certain sex is passé: a garment is mutable. “When I wear it, it’s automatically a men’s piece,” he says. It reminds me of Louis Vuitton’s recent move to cast Jaden Smith in its womenswear ad, with little fanfare. “It’s always been accepted that women can wear men’s pieces.” Plus the response is positive. “Whenever I wear it, guys always ask me who made it.”

Feher echoes that sentiment: “My girlfriends encourage it, they think it’s really cool,” he says. “They like seeing different ways to see the collection. My guy friends don’t wear it which is nice, because then it’s like my thing.”

When Bowman and her husband go to the seasonal show, he’ll wear his Céline jacket, in an act of rebellion and solidarity. “He’ll see a lady nearby wearing the same one,” Bowman says with a laugh. “He gets excited and I think she’ll be like, Oh, that man has my jacket.



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