Dealman Reviews

Dealman is an online ecommerce company which offer latest fashion wearables like hoodies, casuals, suits, formals, Shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, tees, dresses, footwear and accessories. They provide products which are latest in fashion and top on trend. Here are few customer scenarios which Dealman had to deal with and see how they resolved it to have a satisfied and happy returning customer.

What People Think About the Difference in Pricing

Dealman offers various branded clothes and claims to have cheapest and best deals across. Once a customer came up and complained that he has bought reebok sun glares which were priced at $56 on Dealman however on reebok website it was marked at $50. Dealman customer care personal quickly noticed it and sent it to concerned department. Within two weeks the prices were corrected on Dealman website and refund with a complimentary gift was sent to the respective customer. Customer was overjoyed and came back to Dealman to make more purchases in recent past.

Delayed Delivery Related Issues

A customer recently shared his story on a website where he appreciated Dealman conviction to have a happy customer. He said that he made a purchase on Dealman and the delivery was supposed to be within fifteen days however it was not delivered in thirty days. He then wrote to Dealman customer care and asked for his products. The Dealman customer care representative explained that the product was found damaged while being shipped and so was returned to the store and a new piece was in transition which may reach within next two days. To my surprise just two hour from my conversation with Dealman I got a call from delivery man who handed over some gift vouchers with my package saying that these are credits for your service gesture due to delay in the delivery and inconvenience caused.

On Fastest Delivery

I am a dad of two teenagers and somehow forgot the birthday of one of my daughter. I remembered only fifteen days prior and wanted to gift her something she likes. I have heard them discussing about Dealman and their products. So I went on the website and made certain purchases and order fast delivery which was available for just few dollars. I happened to make a note while ordering the urgency I am in and want no delay. To my surprise , my package was sent within 48 hours to my doorstep and all fresh and fashionable. I could make up for my daughter’s birthday and all thanks to Dealman.


Reviews on Refund and Cancelled Product

Once I ordered a large junk of products from Dealman. I must say it’s just very difficult to stop shopping on Dealman, once you have been on the website you just keep browsing and adding products to your cart for hours without even realizing how long you have been there. They keep updating it so often that every time you would login you would have a whole new set of products. By chance I ordered for around $2000 dollars but put wrong address. The amount got deducted from my bank account. Its only after one week when I wanted to check the delivery status, that I got to know that I forgot to update my address and the products were shipped to my old address. I was horrified and quickly in haste just cancelled my order. I was nervous as it was $2000 at stake. By evening I got an email from Dealman customer representative that my order has been cancelled successfully and I will receive a check for the amount to be refunded. To my surprise within two days a Delivery man called me and submitted me my $2000 check which passed without any trouble.

Thought on Color Mismatch

I ordered an army jacket from Dealman site since it was too much in trend and Dealman was offering the best prices. It was a branded one and I wanted it so much. It took them around fifteen days to deliver my packet. I was very excited and opened the packet as soon as I received it. I tried the jacket, it fitted perfectly. I was to go on a date with my fiancé and decided to wear it with a pair of newly bought jeans. I was wearing it for a while flaunting it all over my house, when my mother pointed out that there was slight discoloration on backside of my jacket. I got upset and called Dealman customer care number mentioned on the bill. The customer care representative very patiently heard the whole story and apologized for the inconvenience. Then she said that one of their representative will visit us within two days and will take back the damaged piece and a new fresh piece will be dispatched to reach me within next ten days. I wanted to wear it on my date, so queried about fast delivery. She said that by paying few extra dollars I can get my package within two days, to which I agreed. To my surprise the new piece was delivered to me within 48 hours and they did not charge me extra dollars as a compensation to my inconvenience. I liked the way Dealman dealt with my problem and understood the urgency and provided a solution plus they know how to make up for their mistakes. I love Dealman.

Refund Processed Reviews

I ordered a few pair of jeans on Dealman thinking they were branded and would be of good quality, but to my surprise I was not satisfied with deal I got and the product seemed to be first copy of original brand. I quickly called customer care and explained my situation. Dealman quickly agreed to refund my amount and it was processed without hassles within two weeks. I am quite impressed with the professional behavior of the site and would be delighted to order again from them for I know if it do not meet my expectations, my money would be refunded. I usually go on their website and order several products at the ease of my home.

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9 Spring Dresses Perfect to Pack for Spring Break!

Spring is finally just around the corner. Whether you’re heading to a warm locale for spring break or just gearing up for hotter temps, you’ll be shedding your over-the-knee boots and sweaters, soon. After snow, ice and cold for months, nothing feels better — or is easier — than donning a simple spring dress. Dresses mean there is no need to coordinate colors and silhouettes with multiple separates. Just throw on a dress, and you’re good to go! This makes dresses our favorite thing to pack for Spring Break  — especially ones that can double as coverups. Easy to pack and easy to wear, these dresses also touch on three spring trends that are timeless: stripes, LBD and florals.

From short dresses to long ones, we had many ages in mind when picking these frocks!

Dresses in Stripes

Some spring trends are hard to get on board with (have you seen that fanny packs are back in style?). One trend we plan to fully embrace is the vertical stripe! Classic, elongating and versatile, this is a trend we are happy has made a comeback.

Sea stripes

We love the rope belt detail on this dress, as it gives shape to an otherwise flowy silhouette. Perfectly suited for a beach vacation, this dress is comfortable and forgiving after you’ve indulged in one too many vacation treats. Pair it with white sandals (we are coveting the ones pictured) for a casual daytime or nighttime look.


A great shirtdress never goes out of style. Corey Lynn Calter’s designs are always some of our favorites, too! Toss this dress into your suitcase for an easy on-the-go outfit. A flattering sleeve and waist tie will have you looking (and feeling) like a million bucks.

Linen dress 

Save room in your suitcase by wearing this shirtdress to a casual dinner and as a bathing suit coverup.

Dresses in Black

Draped dress 

While black may not be the first color that comes to mind when packing for a beach trip, the LBD has its place in every season. Try pairing a black dress with statement jewelry and bright accessories to make it stand out even more. Seriously, imagine this dress with turquoise earrings (like these beauties), a straw hat with a big black bow (like this packable one), and espadrilles. Yeah, now you’re seeing it at the beach! With the sarong styling on this dress, it could also double as a more elegant coverup.

Collared dress 

As you can see from Anthropologie’s styling, bright accessories are the perfect match for a neutral dress. Bring in pops of color with statement earrings for evening or playful shoes during the day.

Waisted dress

A dress that offers arm coverage, an elastic waist and a flattering midi-length — and it’s still this cute? Hello, can all dresses please take note?! Comfortable and nice enough to wear to dinner, we plan to pack this dress for all of our spring and summer getaways.

Dresses in Floral

Wrap dress 

We had our younger readers in mind with this dress. It’s feminine, colorful and filled with trends. You’ve heard florals are making an even bigger comeback this year, right?! Wear this botanical trend with neutral accessories to let the dress shine. Capitalize on multiple trends with statement sleeves, ruffles and a floral print with this dress. Grab your bestie and take a photo on the beach as the sun goes down.

Easy prints

If you tend to shy away from prints, ease into the trend with this mini floral-print dress with bell sleeves. The subtle pattern gives the dress enough personality, without overwhelming the style.

Wrap dress 

If you’re over the neutrals and craving color, this Free People wrap dress should fit the bill. Neutral lovers, don’t worry, the dress is sold in black as well.


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40 fashion lessons we can learn from Amal Clooney on her 40th birthday

Amal Clooney at the Venice Film Festival, 2017

Amal Clooney is a high-flying human rights lawyer, wife to Hollywood actor George Clooney, mother to twins… and serious style inspiration. As she celebrates her 40th birthday, we look back over her catalogue of wardrobe hits and glean 40 valuable fashion lessons that anyone can take on board…

1. Go vintage

There’s one way of ensuring your look is entirely unique – opt for vintage. The human rights lawyer is a big fan of London boutique William Vintage and has worn several pieces from the house. Whether she’s channeling 1960s style by day, or doing head-turning 1920s glamour by night, Amal is the perfect poster girl for vintage done well.

Amal Clooney wears William Vintage

2. Say yes to mother-daughter glamour

A recent red carpet outing demonstrated exactly where Amal inherited her sense of glamour, as the 40-year old posed with her equally elegant mother. In floor-sweeping gowns, the pair illustrated the impact of a style double-act.

Amal Clooney wears Bill Blass with her mother Baria Alamuddin

3. Opt for a mega-watt blow-dry, at all times

Amal’s glossy espresso-coloured waves are the finishing touch to every perfectly-compiled outfit. Usually left loose, and in a side parting, her shiny, bouncy locks are much talked about, and much emulated, for very good reason.

4. Pick a power suit

Whether with trousers or pencil skirts, Amal is someone who understands the impact of coordinated tailoring. From the UN to the high court, in classic black, or a bold colour, she ensures every pairing is perfectly suited to the occasion, and perfectly fitted to her proportions.

Amal Clooney wearing Dolce and Gabbana

5. Don’t be afraid of colour

Though Amal’s working wardrobe often steers towards neutrals and understated tones, she isn’t immune to the lure of a pop of colour. Vivid pink is a favourite, as is zesty yellow.

Amal Clooney wears Bottega Veneta

6. Khaki and tan is a classic combination

A carefully curated palette is a cornerstone of Amal’s wardrobe. Whether donning top-to-toe colour, understated neutrals or bold tones, each shade is considered. The stylish barrister seamlessly weaves in timeless matches – khaki and tan – alongside her more adventurous combinations.

Amal Clooney wears Sonia Rykiel

7. Wow the red carpet in floor-sweeping pastels

Dressing up comes naturally to Amal, who has delivered a series of best-dressed-list-worthy red carpet looks over the years. Soft pastels are a signature option – she has been photographed in both pale yellow and lilac creations by Atelier Versace. Amal’s lesson in pastels? Gathered layers of silk and a draped, asymmetric silhouette.

Amal Clooney walks the red carpet in Atelier Versace with George Clooney

8. Red lipstick is your secret weapon

For work or weekend, red carpet or downtime, there’s a beauty staple that Amal returns to again and again – a bold red lip. Her make-up bag contains a variety of shades, each tone providing the perfect punctuation for any look.

Amal Clooney wears red lipstick

9. In fact, red anything

Not only confined to make-up, vivid red is a wardrobe go-to hue for the human rights lawyer – she wears the timeless, high-impact shade on repeat – coats, dresses, bags, shoes and colour-pop details.

10. Vertical stripes are always flattering

It’s one of the most commonly touted fashion tips – vAmal Clooney wears Bottega Veneta returning to work at the UNertical stripes are lengthening and slimming. And it’s a rule that Amal regularly follows (in spite of the fact her perfect proportions require no help). Amal opts for bold, statement-making stripes in contrasting colours.

Amal Clooney wears Elisabetta Franchi with George Clooney

11. Believe in the enduring power of monochrome

Black and white is a match made in style heaven, as Amal well knows. She is a dab hand at a monochrome look – from striped jumpsuits to dress and jacket pairing – wearing the timeless combination regularly.

12. All-in-one dressing = instant style

Jumpsuits are a go-to for all-in-one dressing, and a regular silhouette in Amal’s style arsenal. Case in point, the white Stella McCartney design she wore with a wide-brimmed hat for her civil ceremony.

Amal Clooney wears Stella McCartney

13. Travel in style

When you travel regularly, your long-haul wardrobe is crucial. Amal has it down to a fine art, opting for sleek luxe essentials in-flight – neutrals and monochrome define the palette, in cashmere layers and loose-fit silhouettes.

14. Wear florals for modern chic

The choice of floral print can make or break an outfit. For the best way to wear, follow Amal’s lead and seek out styles cut to a minimal silhouette, which let the print make the impact.

Amal Clooney wears Dolce & Gabbana

15. Trust Gucci for directional workwear

When she needs to mean business, Amal looks to a stable of designers she can can rely on to create directional workwear with a side of serious style. Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Chanel are all regulars in her work wardrobe, and she always likes to challenge the norms ever so slightly, even if via the twist of a colourful pussybow.

Amal Clooney wears Gucci

16. Find silhouettes that work for you

Every wardrobe needs a line up of trusty pieces you can return to time and again. Amal regularly turns to silhouettes which have worked for her in the past – one shoulder styles for red carpet, fitted shift dresses for work, straight leg denim for weekend.

17. Go mini when you have killer legs…

One crucial, and enviable, part of Amal’s style formula – long, slim, impossibly toned legs. And like every savvy stylista, she is not afraid to put them on display, choosing elegant, usually a-line mini silhouettes that reveal one of her best assets, and remain sophisticated.

Amal Clooney wears Giambattista Valli

18.  And strapless when you have amazing shoulders

Strapless silhouettes are not an easy style to pull off, and yet, Amal does it with aplomb. Her secret? Sculpted shoulders and defined upper arms, emphasised by sweetheart or straight necklines. We’ll assume they’re honed on the tennis court – she and George are known to be regular players.

Amal Clooney wears Maison Margiela Couture

19. Workwear demands a classic palette

As an prominent barrister, Amal’s work wardrobe needs to be taken seriously. She is a dab hand at showcasing a line of of sleek, elegant, and entirely appropriate looks, centred around a palette of black, navy, cream and red.

20. Statement shoes can make a look

Never one to overlook accessories, Amal’s shoe wardrobe is as enviable as her ready-to-wear. Understanding the impact of dressing from the feet up, she understands that sometimes all a look requires is a pair of shoes that demand attention.

Amal Clooney wears Versace shoes

21. Towering heels are a must

Even when you have legs worthy of a supermodel, adding towering heels is a power move, and one that Amal make use of. From the classic stiletto pumps central to her workwear wardrobe, to the statement styles she pairs with evening looks, high heels equal high-powered.

22. Over-sized sunglasses go with everything

Amal’s accessory staple? Over-sized sunglasses. Vital when photographers track your every move (and look), face-masking sunnies look elegant, sophisticated, and, when perched on your head, are the perfect accessory to hold a glossy blowdry away from your face.

Amal Clooney wears Camillo Bona Haute Couture

23. Wear tailored maternity wear

While pregnant with her twins, Alexander and Ella, Amal flew the flag for impossibly elegant maternity dressing. Eschewing over-sized silhouettes and stretch fabrics, she barely deviated from her regular wardrobe, simply ensuring pieces were perfectly tailored to accommodate her growing bump.

Amal Clooney wears Christian Dior

24. Go all gold

For classic glamour, opt for shimmering gold, and, where possible, ensure it’s vintage Versace. Amal has opted for Grecian-style top-to-toe gold on more than one occasion, demonstrating the party-ready impact of metallic style.

Amal Clooney wears vintage Versace

25. Supersize your earrings

Statement earrings are an Amal staple. The face-framing impact makes them the perfect finish for every look, instantly elevating minimal styles, and adding a final flourish to high-drama looks.

26. Don’t take style too seriously

Even when your wardrobe is packed full of impossibly elegant pieces, there’s always time for all-out fancy dress. For Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber’s Halloween party, Amal channeled disco style in shimmering sequins by hot designer Halpern, hoop earrings and a serious perm.

Amal Clooney wears Halpern

27. Know when who you’re wearing is not important

In spite of her impeccable style credentials, at work, Amal is first and foremost a human rights lawyer. When asked by a reporter who she would be wearing for an appearance in court representing Armenia, ‘Ede & Ravenscroft’ was her reply – referring the old established legal robe makers and tailors – demonstrating her attitude to her position, and her sense of humour.

Amal Clooney in her barristers robes

28. Channel Jackie Kennedy

Effortless elegance is an Amal USP, perhaps inspired by style icon, and master of diplomatic international dressing, Jackie Kennedy. Amal is regularly pictured in sleek, tailored pieces, similar to the styles the American First Lady favoured.

Amal Clooney wears William Vintage (Dior and Balmain)

29. A classic coat will finish all looks

Colder temperatures bring style dilemmas – finding the perfect coat to finish a look can be a challenge. It is one that Amal navigates with ease. Timeless silhouettes – swing coat, trench coat, overcoat – and classic colours – camel, tan, navy – make for an enviable outerwear wardrobe.

30. Wear couture for special occasions

When your everyday wardrobe is compiled of a hit-list of international luxury labels, how do you up the ante for notable events, like your wedding? Amal’s answer, is to look to couture. Giambattista Valli is a favourite – the French designer crafted the lace and flower applique dress she wore for her Venetian wedding celebrations.

Amal Clooney in Giambattista Valli Couture

31. Distressed denim makes for edgy casualwear

Even the most glamorous women in the world have downtime, and Amal is no exception. Off-duty, her style favours distressed denim, crisp white t-shirts and a rotating supply of cashmere sweaters and biker jackets. Always accessorised with her trusty over-sized sunglasses.

Amal Clooney on set with George Clooney

32. Pinstripes can be versatile

Pinstripes are a common feature in the boardrooms and on the trading floors of the world’s most powerful companies. Understanding the impact of the traditional fabric, Amal remixes it via a Giorgio Armani  shift dress that delivers 1980s power dressing with a thoroughly modern twist.

Amal Clooney wears Giorgio Armani

33. A tweed two piece delivers timeless chic

Once again looking to Jackie Kennedy for style inspiration, Amal demonstrated the enduring chic of Chanel’s classic tweed suit. In cream, white or soft pink, the two-piece is polished and elegant – perfect summer workwear.

Amal Clooney wears Chanel
Amal Clooney wears Chanel

34. Be inspired by the 1970s

Amal regularly looks to the past to inform her sartorial choices (see her enviable wardrobe of vintage pieces), and there’s one era in particular that seems to crop up regularly – the 1970s. Borrowing from the bold decade, Amal navigates the colours and silhouettes of the decade with ease.

Amal Clooney wears vintage Versace
Amal Clooney wears vintage Versace

35. Empower women with your accessories

It’s no surprise, given her occupation, that Amal is a strong advocate for human rights. It is a philosophy that extends to her wardrobe – most particularly, her accessories. She is a big supporter of Lebanese label, Sarah’s Bags, an accessories brand and social enterprise, the bags are made by a team of disadvantaged women.

36. Invest in a perfect bag for every occasion

Accessories can make or break a look. For Amal bags are a chic and practical way to add polish to her outfits, carrying a never-ending rotation of handbags, totes and clutches, each one perfectly suited to both the event and the ensemble.

Amal Clooney carries a Dolce & Gabbana bag

37. All white works, all year round

All white can be a notoriously difficult palette to pull off. Except if you’re Amal Clooney. From jumpsuits to mini-dresses, for daytime or evening events, Amal expertly pulls together white outfits that look fresh and modern.

38. Find your own approach to athleisure

If sporty isn’t your usual style, note that it’s still possible to pull off the vibe. Amal teams her gathered sports jacket with studded high top trainers and jeans, adding a touch of glamour to her wardrobe even when out walking.


39. Don’t be afraid to play with texture

Whether it’s suede over lurex, or maximalist fringing, Amal is never afraid to have fun and go tactile with her style. Imagine the dressing up box that must exist at Clooney HQ.


40. If you love it, just wear it

Amal made headlines at the Golden Globes in 2015 when she teamed her black Dior dress with pristine white opera gloves. There was an uproar;  “Too glitzy and you risk comparisons with Michael Jackson; too starched and you look like the Queen,” this very paper warned at the time. Ultimately, though, Clooney styled her gown, her way, and made one of the most exciting and talked about fashion statements of the entire year.

 Amal Clooney
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Half time, full fashion: the best Super Bowl outfits ever

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Previous years have seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Prince and the Rolling Stones take to the stage in an array of designer creations.

From the Givenchy capes and headdresses Madonna wore in 2012, to the crystal-embellished Versace bodysuit Lady Gaga rocked in 2017, the half-time slot is a moment of sartorial theatre like no other.

In amongst all the triumphs of spandex and sequins, however, some years have seen some dressing disasters.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake on stage in 2004

Back in 2004 for example, Janet Jackson experienced a major wardrobe malfunction onstage after Justin Timberlake inadvertently exposed her breast during a performance.

Mid-way through singing the lyrics “bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song” from his hit “Rock Your Body,” the former N-Sync star accidentally tore off a piece of Jackson’s top, revealing her pierced nipple to millions of viewers.

Despite the misdemeanour, Timberlake – who also featured in 2001’s half-time show alongside Britney Spears – has been invited back for a third time to headline this Sunday’s show.

Ten-time Grammy Award-winner Timberlake will be joined on stage by P!nk, who has been selected to sing the US national anthem.

Singer P!nk has been booked to sing the national anthem at the 2018 Super Bowl

As an Eagles fan from Philadelphia, P!nk was excited to learn her team would be playing in Super Bowl 52 and she tweeted to her 32.2million fans to say so too.

What will she, JT and the other performers be wearing? Only two days till we find out.

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Popular Japanese Comedian Wants to Bring Her Plus-Size Fashion to the U.S.

Name Naomi Watanabe

Age 30

Hometown Ibaraki Prefecture, about two hours northeast of Tokyo.

Now Lives Tokyo

Claim to Fame With more than 7.6 million followers on Instagram, Ms. Watanabe is one of the most popular social media celebrities in Japan. She is an actress, comedian and fashion designer who is perhaps best known for her skits imitating Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and other pop stars, in which she exaggerates their dance moves while lip-syncing their songs on TV variety shows.

渡辺直美ビヨンセ共演が実現naomi and beyonce Video by 小林旭

Big Break A lifelong comedian who enrolled in a Tokyo comedy school when she was 18, Ms. Watanabe made her television debut in 2007 on “Waratte Iitomo!” (“It’s O.K. to Laugh”), a daily hourlong variety show that ran for 32 years before ending in 2014. The show, which was broadcast live, featured a roster of regular performers including, at one point, Ms. Watanabe, who did impersonations. Fun facts: Ms. Watanabe was once called the Japanese Beyoncé, and the show set the Guinness Book of World Record title for the longest running live TV variety show on the same channel (8,054 episodes).


Ms. Watanabe in her dressing room. CreditDanny Ghitis for The New York Times

Latest Project In addition to comedy, Ms. Watanabe was always interested in fashion but had a hard time finding plus-size clothes in Japan. As a teenager she would improvise by shopping in men’s stores, or by buying a dress and wearing it as a T-shirt. In 2014, Ms. Watanabe started a clothing line called Punyus (it means “chubby” in Japanese) that includes plus-size pieces for women like herself. Twice a year she introduces a new collection with a stadium-size runway show. She modeled the show after Victoria’s Secret, but instead of big-name artists like the Weeknd performing, she is the main attraction. “I’m like a fake musician,” she said through a translator.

Next Thing Ms. Watanabe plans to spend more time in New York this year, with ambitions to open a Punyus store. She won’t be a total stranger in the city: She was recently featured in a Gap Logo Remix ad, dancing alongside MetroBoomin, SZA and Bria Vinaite, an actress from “The Florida Project.”

Class Clown As a child, Ms. Watanabe would study television skits with Ken Shimura, a Japanese comedian known for his expressive faces. She would, in turn, practice her own funny faces whenever she could, including in the school cafeteria. “As soon as my classmates would take a sip of their milk, I would make a crazy facial expression and see if they would squirt out milk,” she said.

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Fashion subscription service Le Tote ventures into China’s competitive luxury retail market

China has already been one of the fastest-growing luxury retail markets in the world for years. As their spending power increases, consumers are becoming pickier, demanding premium brands at better prices, with better service. Now Le Tote, the fashion rental service backed by Andreessen Horowitz, GV and other investors, is preparing to enter the fray.

The San Francisco-based company says this makes it the first U.S. subscription service to enter China. Le Tote China will run a beta program on WeChat, the ubiquitous messaging and e-commerce platform, before launching to the public in spring.

Almost all foreign tech companies eyeing Chinese expansion need a local partner to help them navigate cultural differences and regulations, which vary from province to province, and Le Tote found one in the fashion industry. Clement Tang, formerly executive director and president of Belle International, the largest shoe retailer in China, will serve as Le Tote China’s first CEO.

The launch of more luxury rental services was one of the reasons Le Tote decided to it was the right time to enter China, says founder and CEO Rakesh Tondon, along with the dramatic growth of its sharing economy and online and logistics infrastructure. Like Stitch Fix and other fashion box services, each month Le Tote members get a package of clothing and accessories customized to their preferences. Instead of buying what they want to keep, however, users of Le Tote (which has been called the “Netflix of fashion”) can wear pieces for as long as they like before returning them. Items are then inspected and cleaned before being sent to other customers. Le Tote China is still finalizing its list of partners, but in United States it currently work with about 200 brands.

There are already many services in China that let users borrow designer bags, shoes or special occasion dresses, but renting everyday clothing is still a relatively new concept. But Le Tote already has competition: Y-Closet, a startup with a similar business model backed by Alibaba Innovation Ventures, Softbank China and Sequoia China.

Both Le Tote and Y-Closet focus on making premium brands accessible to women in their twenties to forties who want a variety of work outfits, as opposed to special occasion clothing or fancy handbags. As in the U.S., Le Tote is counting on its proprietary technology, which lets it customize boxes, track user preferences and handle logistics at scale, to give it a competitive advantage in China.

The company spent about four or five years refining its software to get to the point where it could be used by any vendor, in any market, Tondon says, and worked with its team in Shenzhen, where Le Tote China is headquartered, to localize its platform. The company’s first distribution center will be located in Dongguan in Guangdong Province, with plans to open warehouses in Shanghai and Beijing, too.

“Everything that we use at the company we built from the ground up for us specifically. We built our own warehouse management system, inventory management system and even our own hardware. We use a lot of data science to build out our recommendation, styling and fit and dynamic pricing algorithms,” Tondon says. “We’ve productized all of this technology in a way that would make sense for us to even license it out ot other retailers and other commerce companies that want to offer personalization or subscription offerings for themselves.”

During its beta program, Le Tote China will rely on word-of-mouth with an initial 3,000 “founding members.” Other customers will be put on waitlist so Le Tote China can refine its service before launching to public by May. During its initial rollout, Le Tote China will only be available through WeChat, though iOS and Android apps and a mobile website are also planned. While many luxury retailers focus on Beijing, Shanghai and other Tier 1 cities (according to the Chinese government’s ranking system, which classifies cities based on GDP, population and governing system), Tondon says Le Tote China’s goal is to reach shoppers throughout the entire country.

“The idea is to have a random set of customers from different parts of China so we can learn about Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 markets and how they may be different,” he says. “We are doing a thorough job of profiling customers and behavior patterns so when we launch in May, we don’t have any surprises.”


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Fashion: A Means To Mobilise, Make A Statement, Tell A Story

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have… Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell, and this year, we became the story.”

Oprah Winfrey’s inspired speech at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards encapsulated the essence of the viral Time’s Up movement – a movement that also inspired most of the celebrity attendees to wear black at the Golden Globes and white roses, later, at the Grammys.

This raises the question of fashion as a means to make a statement. Can fashion be an agent of change? Can it tell a story?

I believe it can. For me, our bodies are intrinsically political. We don’t get to choose our genetic makeup and many of our religious or cultural associations are predetermined. What we do have is the power to reject an abrasive society of norms or ideals by forming our own beliefs and identity.

And historically, humans have done this with clothing. Think of the miniskirt, the pantsuit, the beret and the burka – just a few examples of controversial clothing items that have been the subject of intense scrutiny, but also symbols of liberation.


The burka is an interesting example. While for some time it was frowned upon as a symbol of oppression, Middle Eastern designers have gone to great lengths to show that not only is there tremendous value in cultural dress, but that some women choose to wear the burka as a form of agency, and a demonstration of their power to transform cultural forms of dress into empowering modes of fashion.

For me, this raises an important distinction: the distance between when something is just clothing, and when it’s fashion. Fashion means you’re thinking about what you’re wearing. There’s an energy attached to it. That’s when clothing becomes fashion. It comes down to telling an honest story.

For women, using fashion to make a statement has been a necessity, due largely to a history of oppression.

Delving into the Golden Globes:

The radical colour association is one way to tell a story that’s come a full circle. Colour is often aligned with a system of beliefs, a symbol or a means of communicating a protest or ideology. For example, historically it’s been used in gay culture to communicate certain aspects of people’s sexual proclivities. Another example is the Black Lives Matter movement, or the pink hats of the Women’s March. We’ve come back to colour being a means of communicating a powerful idea.

At the Golden Globes, the celebrities’ choice to wear black was a strong statement of solidarity. It was an expression of alignment with issues far greater than the traditional domain of what celebrity means – stereotypically, fame and awards – and for that I applaud them. It’s exciting to see an awards ceremony become a more politicised platform.

I think the danger of superficiality creeps in when people emulate celebrities or pretend to care about a cause because it’s cool. Therefore, I advise caution – people need to be honest. Don’t take these issues lightly. Educate yourself – think about and understand what you’re advocating for or against. Get to grips with the complexities before you commit. Tell an honest story you genuinely care about.

(L-R) Actors Alexis Bledel, Madeline Brewer, Yvonne Strahovski, Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley and Amanda Brugel attend Hulu’s 2018 Golden Globes After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Hulu)

Women using fashion to make a statement:

The Time’s Up movement is the continuation of a long trend of women using fashion to advocate for change. Think of the [mythical] bra-burning in the 60s, the corset-tossing of the post-war twenties, the passion evoked by Hillary Clinton’s white pantsuit – itself a nod to the suffragette movement. For women, using fashion to make a statement has been a necessity, due largely to a history of oppression.

Therefore, I would argue fashion is both a medium for change and an expression of a change that’s already underway. When people come from different parts of the world, speak different languages and have myriad cultures and values, sometimes fashion can be the simplest visual summary of unity. It can be a beautiful and concise way to say something.

The miniskirt is one of my favourite examples. It marked a huge change; suddenly women were acknowledged to have sexual agency, freedom of expression, ownership over their bodies and the right to choose what they wore.

Of course, in a South African context, the miniskirt has had tremendously problematic connotations as well – I refer to when it was criticised for being overtly sexual and an invitation for harassment or worse. Now, we’ve thankfully moved into another phase, where it’s been reasserted as a symbol of agency.

Fashion is not the full story, but it can be an important part of it.

The role of fashion in identity:

I’m very interested in costumes – uniforms especially. When you see a policeman, for example, you immediately have set fears, ideas and appropriations of what the police mean – that shows how powerful fashion is. I think we’re experiencing the extreme repoliticisation of fashion; we’re in an age of extreme expression. What is normal anymore?

Gender, race, etc. are becoming blurred, which means fashion is more fluid and we have broader means to identify ourselves. More identities, subcultures, and sub-identities within subcultures. I think there’s also a group fashion association that is becoming more deeply entrenched. Think of the granny dandies of Osborne Macharia’s striking photographs.

We live in an exciting time of fashion “gangs” popping up everywhere. It’s like the 80s in a way.

Fashion in 2018:

I think men are moving towards clothing that holds a hint of romanticised nostalgia – a longing for a simpler time. Although having said that, young men, in particular, don’t want to be affiliated with all the negative masculinity of previous generations. They want simplicity and edginess in their attire. For women, I think there’s a wonderful “witchiness” emerging. A kind of “Stevie Nicks” movement that focuses on freedom, empowerment and comfort.

I think more people will use fashion as a form of expression, identity-seeking and statement-making in 2018. But clothing is not always to be taken lightly. Let’s not turn political beliefs into a form of pop-culture consumption. Fashion is not the full story, but it can be an important part of it.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

SIDEBAR: Some of the significant ways fashion was used to make a statement in recent history:

  • The pink Pussyhat Project as a defiant feminist symbol for the 2017 and 2018 Women’s Marches and reaction against Trump’s sexist comment.
  • Protesters wearing the iconic red cloak and white bonnet from The Handmaid’s Tale to protest against the defunding of Planned Parenthood.
  • French male bus drivers wearing skirts to protest their dress code.
  • Katherine Hamnett’s “Cancel Brexit” slogan T-shirt campaign.
  • Sies! Isabelle’s #FeesMustFall placards on the SAFW catwalk.
  • Celebrities wearing black at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.
  • Beyonce’s electrifying Super Bowl performance in homage to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • The EFF’s “Fear Fokkol” T-shirt campaign debuted during the 2017 State of the Nation address.
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CFDA Releases a Statement on Sexual Harassment Prior to Fashion Week

Does an FBI agent sit all day watching you through your webcam? Twitter loves the idea, turning it into a meme about special agents helping surveilled subjects through relationships, advising on selfies, and offering a “bless you” after sneezing.

As amusing as it is to imagine some poor wretch has to watch your day-to-day routine — singing along to YouTube, searching for your ex on Instagram, and being depressed about breakups — the suddenly popular meme has origins in real-life privacy invasions.

And as silly as it may sound, the FBI has previously been accused of using such techniques: back in 2013, a report by the Washington Post revealed the agency had the ability to activate webcams for investigations, though in that case it was refused permission to do so by a judge.

me, peeling tape off webcam: hey guys whats apoptosis mean?
little FBI voice within my computer: programmed cell death.
me: thanks roger. tell the family happy holidays
roger, the FBI man: will do. please get more sleep

Should you cover your webcam? It’s a smart privacy and security move, because if your webcam is really hacked, it’s not likely to be a benevolent and bored FBI agent watching. Former FBI director James Comey covers his, as does Mark Zuckerberg, and so do the security experts Teen Vogue spoke to. “Can’t hurt, might help — I step out of the shower and send one or two emails in a towel (or less) every once in a while just like everyone else,” said Tarah Wheeler, cybersecurity fellow at New America.

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